Saccades during sleep?

Matthew Kirkcaldie Matthew.Kirkcaldie at
Tue Dec 2 17:55:30 EST 2003

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 "Didier A. Depireux" <didier at> wrote:

> I hope somebody who _actually_ knows can answer: do mammals' eyes saccade
> during sleep, outside of REM sleep that is?

If the eyes are saccading, they are moving rapidly, and hence that 
period of sleep would be defined as REM sleep.  So no, no saccades occur 
outside of REM sleep.  The only other eye movements during sleep are in 
the very early stages of falling asleep, when they do slow rolls back 
and forth.  Otherwise, there is REM sleep in which there are 
saccade-type movements, and slow wave sleep in which there are no eye 
movements to speak of.

Hope that helps.



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