Deities cannot exist because of their consciousness

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Wed Dec 3 04:13:10 EST 2003

"Dio" <dadaismo at> wrote in message news:<7c0zb.138873$hV.5037293 at>...

> Consciousness is produced by brain. That's true.

You THINK it is true. It is up to you, not me, to prove it.

> Have you  got a good theory about immaterial consciousness ?

Not tellin' you! Have you got a good theory to support your conjecture
consciousness can only be produced by a brain!

> When you say: consciousness could be produced by "something else". What is
> that "something else"?
> Please, explain that.


You must convince me why  you conclude that a brain is the only thing
that can produce consciousness?

It's up to you to explain that. My only duty here is to point out the
weakness in your theory, not to provide a rival theory.
> Thanks a lot for your answer

Having read my answer, I bet you dont really mean that ;-)

 Best Regards


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