Deities cannot exist because of their consciousness

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>> Consciousness is produced by brain. That's true.
>You THINK it is true. It is up to you, not me, to prove it.

Neuroscience think that's true.

Have you studied neuroscience?

There are a lot of experimets who prove that.

I think that our Earth is a planet in space. If you don't know that you have
to study astronomy:)

That's the same about consciousness.

I don't know if you know neuroscience or not, so I'm asking you.

I can suggest you some good book to read about that subject.

Gerald Edelman, The remembered present, 1987 Basic Book. NY.

Or G.M. Edelman, Bright air brilliant fire: on the matter of the mind.

The former is for specialists the latter is a summary of his thrilogy for
people who don't know neuroscience.

But if you like i can suggest you an experiment.

Try to drink spirit and tell me how you feel(your consciousness feels).

Spirit is material and it happens to "touch" your brain. If you don't
believe that, you can go to a neurologist and take  a PET for instance.

As you know science need of experiments, and I can't do experiments here:)
That's all.

Thank you Tony

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