Stress hormones

John kjrunia at
Wed Dec 3 14:05:08 EST 2003

Dear sir,

You wrote:

> Often the timing of the
> immunosuppression that accompanies stress will be critical with respect to
> the occurrence of a tumor or development of cancer.

And you gave an example of administering dexamethosone 7 days before and
after implantion of a tumor. Would you please be so kind to post the
reference of this publication. I'm an undergraduate in psychology in The
Netherlands and I am to write a research proposition in the field of

You also wrote:

> Much of the literature and research has
> suggested that even the type of stressor may be important.  We often
> nebulous terms like "stress" that really don't mean very much.  Certain
> types of stress, depending on the context, can either produce positive or
> negative effects.

Would you please be so kind to post some examples of recent literature? They
can also be review articles, naturally!

Thank you very much in advance.

With regards,
John Runia
The Netherlands

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