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} Hello,
} I am a student doing some research on ADHD, and attempting to give an
} unbiased view highlighting both sides of the "disorder."  One side of
} the coin says this is a disease, and the other defines it as an excuse
} for human inadequacies.  So are there any medical, or clinical
} professionals who can give me their opinion on this matter.
} Thanks,
} Beth

An absolute must-read when it comes to this argument is chapters 9 and
10 in Diane McGuinness's book "When Children Don't Learn". These two
chapters, covering precisely this argument (and she is on the
"against" side), earned her an invitation from the APA to write a
"dissenting opinion" to the ADD entry in the DSM IV.

Also, I suggest contacting Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk,
VA. They did a series of epidemiological studies on school children in
their area who were/weren't on ADD drugs, and who should/shouldn't be.
Some of their results were very scary.

In particular: They looked at children who were 1 or more years
younger than the mean age for the grade they were in. In other words,
they looked at kids who'd been advanced one or more grades at some
point. They found that 67% of these kids -- ostensibly promoted due to
capabilities, an opposite thing from having a learning disability --
were on ADD drugs.

The obvious conclusion is that there are parents out there who want so
badly for their kids to be super-special, that the parents are dosing
the kids with speed. And THAT my friends is child abuse.

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