Deities cannot exist because of their consciousness

Eray Ozkural exa erayo at
Wed Dec 3 19:19:39 EST 2003

"Dio" <dadaismo at> wrote in message news:<cRGwb.4694$AX1.204222 at>...
> An immaterial deity can't exist because consciousness is produced by
> material brain.
> There can't exist an IMMATERIAL brain.
> We have demonstrated that deities can't exist, using neuroscience.

Are you aware that you are presupposing your conclusion?

If you make your metaphysical assumptions and definitions
appropriately, disproving God would be possible as in your short
argument :)

The problem is that neuroscience doesn't even tell us which position
in philosophy of mind is "scientifically" correct by itself. (Although
it seems to discredit a host of such theories!) Is anomalous monism
correct? Is machine functionalism correct? etc. etc.

In that case, how can we go ahead and make an ontological argument out
of it? Trust me that it would be much more involved :)

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