Stress hormones

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Mon Dec 1 23:51:39 EST 2003

The stuff about cortisol is right, and keep in mind that under some stresses
inflammatory cytokines are raised but if this is sustained then
glucocorticoid resistance can set in. Some debate about the cause of the
latter but cytokines il1, 6 are probably involved.

John H.
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> I think, but aint sure.... Studied this a few years ago...
> Short resolvable stressful moments, such as running for a bus, or an
> interview, produce adrenal hormones predominantly adrenalin.
> Long term, unresolvable stress produces a different ratio of hormones,
> cortisol being more prominent.
> And beyond that there is depression, marked by a fall in adrenalin and
> a further rise in cortisol
> Long term cortisol production is the thing that can cause other health
> problems.
> I know there are other hormones involved, but does that principal,
> changing hormone ratios for different durations of stressor sound
> right?
> Tony

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