Deities cannot exist because of their consciousness

Alan Wostenberg awostenbergNospam at
Fri Dec 5 13:50:28 EST 2003

Wolf Kirchmeir wrote:
 > On Thu, 04 Dec 2003 22:16:08 -0600, Alan Wostenberg wrote:
 >>That impossibility follows on hypothesis ours is a world of closed
 >>natural causes, and nothing supernatural can "get in". But why can't the
 >>supernatural invade the natural? Why couldn't an Omnipotent Being reveal
 >>Himself to us?
 > "God" could only reveal itself to humans in natural modes, else we 
could not
 > experience the revelation - we would simply not know it was there. 
That means
 > we would experience the supernatural as part of the natural. [I'm 
going to
 > use G to refer to "god" from here on.]

That's a strong claim. Dembski speculates on a "Incredible Talking 
Pulsar"{1} that announces it is God's mouthpiece:

"Imagine that astronomers have discovered a pulsar some three billion
light- years from the earth. The pulsar is, say, a rotating neutron star
that emits regular pulses of electromagnetic radiation in the radio
frequency range. The astronomers who found the star are at first
unimpressed by their discovery- another star to catalog One of the
astronomers, however, is a ham radio operator. Looking over the
pattern of pulses one day, he finds that they are in Morse code. Still
more surprisingly, he finds that the patterns of pulses signal coded
English messages. ...once the pulsar has gained our attention, it
identifies itself. The pulsar informs us that it is the mouthpiece
of Yahweh, the God of both Old and New. Testaments, the Creator of
the universe, the final Judge of humankind. "

God could use mystical experienceor private visions, but Wolf, why 
couldn't God use a Pulsar as His mouthpiece?

(Dembski W.A., "On the Very Possibility of Intelligent Design" in
Moreland J.P. ed., "The Creation Hypothesis", Inter Varsity
Press: Downers Grove Ill., 1994, pp122-123)

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