Deities cannot exist because of their consciousness

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> >When I drink, alcohol touches my brain. it does not touch my
> >consciousness!!!
> Good for you Tony:)
> Be aware the police test alcohol:)

If you want to disprove God, you should listen to the criticism

What Tony talks of is the most obvious nature of scientific
enterprise. It is very hard to know that there is nothing left to know
about a subject.

Many of us including me do not believe in a theological story about an
entity called God. However, when we translate these questions to
metaphysical ones we find that there are many puzzles to be solved
before we can answer what there is to existence. That is precisely the
kind of argument you wish to make, however in your argument are
embedded several assumptions about existence and knowledge! You have
proved nothing, you have just talked about your assumptions which
seems to make, in your view, a consistent theory of existence. That's

Such imaginery consistence doesn't necessarily correspond to truth. 

Be careful :)

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