What is a deity?

Dio dadaismo at tin.it
Sun Dec 7 06:29:44 EST 2003

When one is talking about god, deities and so on, that seem that our logic,
our reason is broken, is unable.

To understand what a deity is we need to analyze religion and how them
describe and "think" deities.

Most of deities are thought and written(I mean books of religions) as having
will, wishes and so on.

Eastern philosophy or religion(India, China and so on) think about sleeping
But if a deity is sleeping that means something about  rem phase

Both kind of deities are thought as having consciousness.

A deity can act if it has a will, wishes and so on. But will, wishes and so
on are attribute of a human consciousness.

That seem like Jupiter, like Greek mythology, and that kind of deities had
body too.
They used to fuck with women, and their sons were half deities.

Nobody nowadays believes in Greek mythology because those deities had body
and human attributes.

But every deity that people invented has got a human attribute: WILL.

So, we can to conclude that every deity that people invented has got will,
wishes,: CONSCIOUSNESS.Even they are sleeping that is rem phase:

A human consciousness!!

That doesn't matter if that deity has got a body or is immaterial or
supernatural or is a sort of "something else".

If you want to think a deity you must think something with CONSCIOUSNESS,
human consciousness.

If you think something you name deity but that hasn't got will, wishes, that
is not a deity but a natural phenomenon.

Earth for instance is not a deity. If you want Earth as a deity you must
think Earth with will, wishes or at least a sleeping Earth(rem phase).
Otherwise you'd better to think Earth as a natural phenomenon and not as a

The difference between a deity and a natural phenomenon is that deity is
thought by every religion and every believer as having will, wishes:

But as I said, consciousness is a human attribute.

Try to invent yourself a deity without human attribute: you'll discover that
there can't be a deity but a simple natural phenomenon.

bye bye

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