Deities cannot exist because of their consciousness

Eray Ozkural exa erayo at
Sun Dec 7 09:36:29 EST 2003

"Dio" <dadaismo at> wrote in message news:<T_iAb.164145$hV.5978046 at>...
> Would you mind to explain what you mean when you say "god"?
> You're using a term (god). Could you explain what you you mean by that term?
> Could you tell us what is god?

I don't have time for these theological word games.

I do not ordinarily discuss about these contradictory, fictious
"theories" that have not undergone the kind of philosophical scrutiny
I am accustomed to.

If you are curious, do your homework and tell us which philosophical
positions are compatible with an all-knowing all-seeing eternal entity
that rules the universe and which are not.

Thank you.


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