Deities cannot exist because of their consciousness

Eray Ozkural exa erayo at
Sun Dec 7 09:41:51 EST 2003

Here is a funnier bit for you.

If God exists, we are in deep shit. Therefore, we can safely assume
that God doesn't exist.

"Dio" <dadaismo at> wrote in message news:<bnwzb.150334$hV.5446660 at>...
> Eray Ozkural exa ...
> There are only mass and energy. If you know another substance, please tell
> us. If you want to say that there could be another substance, you could make
> up a physics theory. Using mathematics and physics, and after that theory
> you could wait for you experiment.
> So, if you know that there could be another substance(who is very different
> from mass and energy) please, make up a good physics theory and wait an
> experiment.
> Otherwise we only have mass and energy!!! And of course, the big fantasy of
> believers:))
> Best regard

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