What is a deity?

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here are 2 ecerpts from my book of science fiction short stories. the first
one is a piece of an essay i wrote on the illusion of separation of church
and state.


Some problems with Theocracies are;

a) Many times it results in irreconcilable differences between abjunct
cultures, leading to wars of every degree.
b) Many religions have beliefs that prohibit them from expanding the gene
pool to create a well-rounded human hybrid through interracial mating.
c) Many valuable human resources are ostracized at a professional and
personal level resulting in a dampening of progress technologically,
culturally, and intellectually.
d) Many religions believe that the ethics they establish are valid for every
circumstance, causing stagnation of mental freedoms leading to advancements.
e) The banning of certain products and services such as; Birth control
information/products/services, Blackened Voodoo beer was taken off the
shelves in Texas due to it's name
f) Many states, until recently, would not allow working and/or alcohol sales
on Sundays, and/or religious holidays
g) The harboring of known criminals in Sanctuary. Noriega is one of the more
famous recent examples, He caused the entire U.S. Army to grind to a halt
outside the church he ran into for days.
h) Certain mythologies hold that you are supposed to be ashamed of your body
as their heroes Adam and Eve were`, and enforce it by gunpoint as in the
i) The repression of sexual urges due to marriage/family/gender ideologies.
This results in a multitude of stress related illness from acne to
j) Certain religions hold that suicide is an unforgivable sin leading
straight to damnation which results in prolonged suffering of the terminally
k) Some religions Attempt to block proven life saving advancements in
genetic engineering and medicine
l) Extra-Marital Prostitution is illegal in many countries;)

 Religions also attempt to bring Infinity to the exponent of infinity into a
temporal paradigm. I am merely pointing out the fallacy of bringing the
Infinite into a finite dogma. I think that there is alot to be learned from
any book focused on a dogma for living according to Grace, Honor, and
Compassion.  These are things that we should all desire and should be
studied and practiced.  Whether writings that are for an archaic era are
what we will be considering grace in 200 years is a different story. All
things are changing.

 I don't exclude the possibility of mysterious mental phenomena, creatures
that we are unaware of, or consciousness at other levels of existence.  I am
too skeptical to deny the possibility of anything, after all the universe is
an unfathomable expanse.

 Some examples of attempting to bring the Infinite into the finite and the
questions they pose are as follows:

1.  If God is All-Powerful can He make a box that He can't open or
a rock that He can't lift? Can He make you not have read this

2.  If God is All-Knowing then why does He issue tests to see how
his humans will react then punish them if they fail, knowing all
the while that they would fail.  One example of this is the Tree
of Knowledge, he knew from the start that Adam would eat the fruit
and he would be punishing all of mankind forever after.

3.  If God is All-Encompassing then He must encompass a place where He isn't

4.  If God is Unlimited then the thing He doesn't contain is a

     As You see the Infinite is a tricky concept that stands in
spite of itself.  This makes any attempt to describe it in any way
(i.e. scriptural dogmas) futile.  It can't be because it *is*!

ok here's #2 this is from is a fantasy story and Secorac Ji is just a
character... i use alot of Capitals to accomodate my experimental writing


 God is a Force emanating from The Heart of Infinity to the exponent of
Infinity.  God exists because Infinity to the exponent of Infinity and ALL
IT'S implications exists.  It is a hard concept that is immutable and free
from belief or doubt. When someone causes miracles to happen it is not proof
of a state of closeness to the Ultimate Grace.  It merely shows that person
has been able to utilize the fact that thought creates a space in which the
Universe falls to a higher degree through mental disciplines.

 The coincidences that are manifesting in your life are a result of your
mental emanations transmitting into the Event at large.  As we have
discussed before there are many other mental transmitters pulling the fabric
of the Universe in different directions, so thoughts that are more powerful
dissipate the others of a lesser degree.  To wrap up the Whole Thing I'll
just say that the Power that occurs in any given Miracle is Impersonal.

 The ideals of Grace, however, as a General Rule of Thumb, have more Power
to last through the destructive tendencies of the Universe at Large.
Secorac Ji Teaches us to have a Personal Relationship with The Force that
our mind Touches as an easy way to crystallize thoughts, but, the Underlying
Force is as partial to one of IT'S parts as It is to the other.  Hence also,
Karma is not necessarily "cut and dried" for as was seen in this story the
people that were being exterminated then captured on those planets hadn't
yet done anything....[snip]

ok, have fun =)

>>>flame disclaimer<<<
i wrote these a long time ago, and they are in a book of fiction.

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