Deities cannot exist because of their consciousness

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> Wolf Kirchmeir ha scritto nel messaggio ...
> You're talking about "supernatural".
> Would you mind to explain us what means?
> Could you explain what you mean when you say "supernatural"?
> Is there a new substance? I know that there is only mass-energy.
> So, what is that "supernatural"?
> You talk about "something else" about "supernatural".
> Try to tell more about that, please:)
> Best Regard

This is the last time I explain this!

Anything that is supernatural has no effect whatsoever on any
understanding of physics, if it did, it would not be supernatural. 
Therefore, supernatural things are not made of "another substance" as
they would have no substance in this universe.  Just think of
supernatural as a synonym for "non-physical".  Now anything physical,
which includes light and any type of exotic subatomic particles known
now or in the future, is not impacted upon by the supernatural, and
vice versa.  Supernatural is an idea in logic, not in observable

Now... if you define God as supernautral then he is non-physical (this
is NOT the same as saying he is made of a new undiscovered substance -
he has no substance).  Consequently, any discussion involving the
physical is non-sensical and has no impact of the supernatural.  Since
we can only demonstrate and prove things within the physical world,
God is not provable or disprovable - he is in fact beyond this.  Now,
in my view it is only a fancy of logic, in others view God does exist,
but not physically - like oil and water the natural and supernatural
cannot mix.  (Of course this does bring the problem of how God could
ever then influence the world, which has been a major puzzle of

A further analogy - I could create a religion where the main tenet is
that each and every person has a supernatural alter ego that guides
their actions.  Now since I postulate them as supernatural i.e
"ghosts" you have absolutely no way of proving to me that they don't
exist since every scrap of evidence you show me that there is no
physical presence standing behind me cannot convince me as it has
nothing to do with what I believe.  By saying they are supernatural I
have effectively discounted any and all physical argument prior to
them even being made.  Thats why the idea of supernatural is so
powerful in religions becuase no proof or disproof is possible.

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