Lets talk about diagnoses and the technical details

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Tue Dec 9 19:01:47 EST 2003

On Tue, 09 Dec 2003 03:57:33 GMT, "Michael S." <m.sabino at comcast.net>

} After searching on google I can across: "Some people become more depressed
} in the winter months when days are shorter and darker. The sun and bright
} light seem to trigger a response to a brain hormone known as melatonin
} (produced by the pineal gland), which is, in part, responsible for
} preventing the "blues." Stay in brightly-lit rooms on dark days. Research
} reveals that two hours of morning sun is very effective in lifting
} depression. The evening light had comparatively little results."
} What drugs can I take to make me feel this way during the winter?

If lack of light is the problem, then more light is the cure.
There are portable light units available for just this purpose.
I made my own out of two shop lights with two "sun spectrum"
fluourescent tubes each. If you are dignosed with seasonal affective
disorder, a light unit can be prescribed and thus covered by

Drugs have side effects. Light does not. If light does the trick (it's
cheap enough to find this out easily), why would one want to take
drugs instead?

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