Deities cannot exist because of their consciousness

Robert McCurdy robertwm at
Tue Dec 16 10:17:22 EST 2003

>would we realize that  they were there or would we just look
>"through" them and see other humans? (because we may
>not be able to accept what they really are)

Yes that is exactly true.
Our experiences are all bound by this planets extremely narrow environment conditions that make life possible.

It has only recently been discovered that trees can communicate via chemical release each day.  These messages seem to be a warning
of approaching herbivores in their area, and as a result the trees create toxins in the leaves to dissuade these animals from eating
It also explains otherwise unknown reasons for mass-migration.

It only takes a little bit of imagination to extend this principle to other invisible connections trees of a large forest may have
and whether or not some kind of slow thought processes may occur - it may take many years to formulate one idea - which may be
completely meaningless to humans.

The point is; even if this is true it still doesn't help us understand them or change us.  You can explain to a bee you created its
whole existence, its hive, the food, plants, everything - just so you get some honey.  And the bee will just carry on doing whatever
bees do.

We talk about God being all powerful and such, but beings a million years more advanced than us, will be more powerful than any god
we can imagine!
We would have nothing in common with them and neither could have any interest in any interaction.

Don't believe me?
Try this thought experiment -  Get a monkey and bio engineer some changes, slowly he becomes more human, educate and teach him our
culture, complete the change to a fully functioning human being.
Now 20 years later ask this person - would you like to be changed back to a monkey?

The Universe is talking to us but in this state we can't hear.
Because we don't yet have the ears, or the eyes, or the touch to have that experience.

For example :) - when Chernobyl had a melt-down firemen tired to cool it by dousing the area with water.  That didn't work, as the
temperatures were far higher than any fireman had experienced before, - the water burned.

Regards Robert

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> > Wolf Kirchmeir wrote:
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> >  > BTW, as several people have pointed out, it's not possible to prove
> > either
> >  > that "god" exists or does not exist by any appeal to human
> >  > experience or knowledge, since _by definition_ a "god" is
> >  > supernatural.
> >
> > That impossibility follows on hypothesis ours is a world of closed
> > natural causes, and nothing supernatural can "get in". But why can't
> > the supernatural invade the natural? Why couldn't an Omnipotent Being
> > reveal Himself to us?
> >
> >
> >
> I asked in a different thread:
> What if a being was signifigantly more intelligent, compare a pet fish
> to ourselves for contrast.
> The fish probably does not really understand very well, what we are, it
> probably thinks we are another fish.
> Therefor if "godlike" beings existed (I did not say creator or anything
> like the biblical god, just very advanced beings.) would we realize that
> they were there or would we just look "through" them and see other
> humans?(because we may not be able to accept what they really are.)

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