Axon collaterals ?

Matthew Kirkcaldie Matthew.Kirkcaldie at
Tue Dec 16 21:04:32 EST 2003

In article <3FDFB0A3.4B1D74 at>, SeeBelow at SeeBelow.Nut wrote:

> Which suggests that these autapses are likely to be inhibitory, but I
> don't believe that's necessary. 

The assertion that they implement negative feedback would suggest they 
were inhibitory, but in the case of glutamatergic cells (most cortical 
neurons) they aren't inhibitory, and hence do not implement negative 

>Does anyone know whether most of them
> are inhibitory?

There are no large-scale surveys of autapses that I know of - the 
difficulty of identifying a synapse as autaptic is immense.  Hence most 
of the material I have seen is in cultures, and descriptions of isolated 
examples in vivo.


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