Axon collaterals ?

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Tue Dec 16 23:23:07 EST 2003

Not neccasarily (althought I'm rapidly stepping out of my depth)... What 
if there were type II/III mGluRs? Thats what I was originially thinking 
of, monoaminergic synapses and metabatropic receptors. (apart from in the 
case of GABA)

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> In article <3FDFB0A3.4B1D74 at>, SeeBelow at SeeBelow.Nut wrote:
>> Which suggests that these autapses are likely to be inhibitory, but I
>> don't believe that's necessary. 
> The assertion that they implement negative feedback would suggest they 
> were inhibitory, but in the case of glutamatergic cells (most cortical 
> neurons) they aren't inhibitory, and hence do not implement negative 
> feedback.
>>Does anyone know whether most of them
>> are inhibitory?
> There are no large-scale surveys of autapses that I know of - the 
> difficulty of identifying a synapse as autaptic is immense.  Hence most 
> of the material I have seen is in cultures, and descriptions of 
> examples in vivo.
>          Matthew.

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