Deities cannot exist because of their consciousness

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> >would we realize that  they were there or would we just look
> >"through" them and see other humans? (because we may
> >not be able to accept what they really are)
> Yes that is exactly true.
> Our experiences are all bound by this planets extremely narrow environment
conditions that make life possible.
> It has only recently been discovered that trees can communicate via
chemical release each day.  These messages seem to be a warning
> of approaching herbivores in their area, and as a result the trees create
toxins in the leaves to dissuade these animals from eating
> them.
> It also explains otherwise unknown reasons for mass-migration.
> It only takes a little bit of imagination to extend this principle to
other invisible connections

They are not invisible to instrumentalities.

> trees of a large forest may have
> and whether or not some kind of slow thought processes may occur - it may
take many years to formulate one idea - which may be
> completely meaningless to humans.

You are watching too much LOTR - Treebeard was a prop!

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