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> There is a MUCH newer _Scientific American_ special "Brain" issue.
> Again, go to amazon.com.
> (You'd send this kid to the **1979** version?  Before PET, before MRI,
> before molecular neurochemistry?????)

Yeah, with well-substantiated reason to do so.

To begin, it's best to start somewhere the beginning. The Sept., 1979 issue
of SciAM does this pretty well.

What I'm talking about is gaining a generalized understanding of the
functional neuroanatomy - it's the 'skeleton' upon which everything else is

Gotta get it first, else the modern stuff tends to exists as aa "castle in
the air".


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> > Go to the Library and check out the September, 1979 issue of =Scientific
> > American=. It's a good intro. Lots of excellent diagrams. [They [W. F.
> > Freeman] also published it as a book, so you might be able to find it in
> > bookstores, but I don't have the title.]
> >
> > ken
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