Axon collaterals ?

BilZ0r BilZ0r at
Thu Dec 18 23:23:34 EST 2003

I wouldn't have said type II/III mGluRs are excititory. Although I suppose 
I am thinking in a presynaptic view, and also a rather old view, but as far 
as I was awear, in reality (as apposed to transfected CHO cells) at least 
mGluR 2 and 3 (i.e. type II) are ACTUALLY coupled negatively to adenylate 

r norman <rsn_ at> wrote in 
news:nn83uvkg4c106c5uo04kjv4a6511la6qsr at

> It certainly is for cholinergic synapses.  But somehow all the known
> glutamate receptors are excitatory and the GABA receptors inhibitory.

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