Brain clues to attention disorder

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Hi, peter.

That such prediction, including the observed
motor-function predictability, is possible has
nothing to do with the hz, and everything to do
with the fact that the emergence of low-frequency
'states' of tune correspond with the elimination
of high-frequency dynamics.

High-frequency dynamics correlate to relatively-
'random' activation 'states'.

Relatively-'random' activation 'states' correlate
to relatively-'randomly'-configured global

So, as hz decreases, 'randomness' also decreases.

The low-hz observables are just artifacts of
decreasing 'randomness', and have no information-
content in and of themselves - because this or that,
say theta-range 'oscilation' correlates with vastly-
different TD E/I-minimized "supersystem config-
urations" that are converged upon from 'moment'
to 'moment'.

That is, within this or that instance of 'theta', from
'moment' to 'moment', there's always enormous
variation in the actual neural interconnectedness
that becomes configured via TD E/I-minimization.

The information-content correlates to the neural-
interconnectedness configuration that is converged
upon, =not= the fact that =all= such TD E/I-minimized
"supersystem configurations" correspong to relatively-
low-frequency activation 'states'. This latter stuff is
actually 'nothing' because it's just a 'sameness' into
which all of the greatly-varying exactnesses stereo-
typically 'fall' simply because it is TD E/I-minimization
that's being converged upon.

Get it?

The macroscopic 'oscillations' are non-information-
containing artifacts of the fact that information
content is being converged upon via TD E/I-

It's like a big bag of lollipops. There are many
different flavors in-there, but each lollipop has
'the same' clear cellophane wrapper.

The wrappers aren't what's important - it's the
myriad flavors within the always-'same'-ness
of the wrappers that matter.

The so-called "rythms" are analogous to the
lollipop wrappers.

The information content is analogous to the
flavors of the lollipops.

The former are nothing. The latter are everything.

The predictability inherent derives in the fact that
TD E/I-minimization is, in fact, occurring.

When TD E/I-minimization happens, the nervous
system in which it happens becomes minimally
configured. When a nervous system becomes
minimally configured, it is primed with respect to
actualizing a specific 'action', and this always
correaponds to a relatively-low-frequency macro-
scopic observable, simply because that's the form
TD E/I-minimization, converged upon, always takes.

Get it?

Eat the 'lollipops', not the 'wrappers' :-]

Cheers, Peter,

ken [k. p. collins]

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> An interesting idea that may correlate well with whatever else is known
> about our different brain-waves: alpha, theta, and delta. To see how these
> waves are being used to diagnose states of selective unconsciousness and
> partially predict the success or otherwise of (the *ideally* only)
> "anti-AEVASIVE" psychotherapy, look at this website -
> P
> P.S. Thank you for the English-lesson!

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