New Support of Schizophrenia Caused by Low Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA)

Peter F. fell_spamtrap_in-hopefullyeffectiveagainstspam at
Sat Dec 20 10:29:09 EST 2003

I agreed since I also see that the world of humans IS precisely THAT nuts!

AEVASIVE encapsulates/refers to both a precise evolutionary (and, without
any need to mention it, a historical) perspective on why, and a
science-aligned metaphorical overview of how.

If one understands the evolutionary aspect of AEVASIVE one is left little
rational room to hope there is not much or do you already grasp these goings

A desire (need) to make sense, partly also motivated by anger channeled into
acronym-building ironic humor, led me to perversely produce AEVASIVE and
other concEPTs.

I have No rational reason to expect people, other that the odd similarly
percEPTive person, to appreciate EPT.

"Material Nature" abhors a vacuum but "mental Nature" is inclind to maintain
"AEVASIVE vacuousness".


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