Brain clues to attention disorder

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Sat Dec 20 10:44:02 EST 2003

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> Another myth bites the dust, though the evidence of ADHD being a real
> condition has rarely been in dispute by those who read the research.
> Hopefully this finding will further our understanding of this condition,
> which I have no hope of understanding.
> John H.
The fact that Ritaline and other similar central stimulating drugs has
the paradoxal effect of normalizing activity and attention in ADDH
conditions , together with the findings of reduced cerebral bloodflow
(SPECT) on brainstem level , suggests not only a dysfunction in
attention centre (RAS) but also that it is the dopaminergic systems
that are malfunctious. It is therefore possible in the true cases of
ADDH to treat ex juvantibus with these drugs , and confirming the


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