Brain clues to attention disorder

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Sun Dec 21 05:47:23 EST 2003

> >The fact that Ritaline and other similar central stimulating drugs has 
> >the paradoxal effect of normalizing activity and attention in ADDH 
> >conditions , 
> It is only paradoxical if we play a bit of word magic with 'stimulating'

Sorry! But this is semantic bullshit.Paradoxal refers to an opposite
effect compared to the common effect on the majority of people - eg
excitatory, increased psychomotor tempo and activity and soforth.

> >together with the findings of reduced cerebral bloodflow 
> >(SPECT) on brainstem level , suggests not only a dysfunction in 
> >attention centre (RAS) but also that it is the dopaminergic systems that 
> >are malfunctious. It is therefore possible in the true cases of ADDH to 
> >treat ex juvantibus with these drugs , and confirming the diagnose.
> >
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I am sorry - but you lost this monkey there - maybe my cognitional
capacity is to slow?

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