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> > >The fact that Ritaline and other similar central stimulating drugs has
> > >the paradoxal effect of normalizing activity and attention in ADDH
> > >conditions ,
> >
> > It is only paradoxical if we play a bit of word magic with 'stimulating'
> Sorry! But this is semantic bullshit.Paradoxal refers to an opposite
> effect compared to the common effect on the majority of people - eg
> excitatory, increased psychomotor tempo and activity and soforth.
> [...]

For those who've assess to AoK, see the discussion
if "inversion" in Ap4.

It's not "paradoxical".

It's 'just' the dynamics of "inversion", uncomprehended,
by the folks who're pushing drugs with respect to
behavioral observations pigeon-holed in the nomenclature
as 'adhd', etc.

If folks could see how 'funny' the absence-of-understanding
that results in such is, they'd be ROLFL-ing.

If folks could see how Tragic the absence-of-understanding
that results in such is, they'd be weeping for the Children.

It's so 'interesting' to me that I've gone on and on about the
dynamics of "inversion" for more than a decade, discussing
them from many different aspects of their actualization within
the neural Topology ["functional Neuroanatomy" , but with
the additional integrating-emphasis of NDT's topological
integration of neural dynamics], [just the other day, discussing
them in terms of the generalized "active<->passive phase shift
and the structural correlates that have been observed] but
folks remain oblivious to the dynamics of "inversion" and the
usefulness of NDT's reification of them?

It's as if I exist as some 'alien' Being, in the midst of folks
who are 'afflicted', and I describe for them how and why
the 'afflicting' dynamics occur, invoking the Neuroscience
with which they're all 'familiar', and the stuff I discuss for
them just 'passes-through' their awarenesses, undetected.

And they 'just' go on inflicting non-sense upon the Children.

How can I say it so as not to 'offend'?

'Your' absence-of-understanding, even in the face of my
having 'spelled-things-out' for 'you' for more than a decade,
leaves my jaw hanging down.

It's like 'you' are a man, fallen over a cliff and dangling from
a precipice [kind of like Frodo in =The Return of The King=],
and I 'throw-a-rope' down to 'you', hollering, "Grab `The Rope`",
and 'you' [kind of like Frodo in =The Return of The King=], re-
fuse to take it, even though it's the only thing that can lift 'you'
up out of 'your' absence-of-understanding, in which 'you' are
mucking around in Children's nervous systems with drugs even
though 'you' have no comprehension with respect to what's
going on within the Children's nervous systems.

It's as if, just because 'you' have 'fallen-into-the-abyss', 'you'
want to drag-the-Children 'down-there' with-'you', rather
than 'climb-up-out-of' 'your' absence-of-understanding.

What other 'explanation' is there with respect to the way
everything has been laid-at-'your'-electronic-feet, yet 'you'
'move toward' absence-of-understanding and 'move away
from' understanding.

Look, 'you' have Responsibility.

'You' =cannot= 'just' dump drugs into Children's nervous
systems, while 'turning-a-blind-eye' to the functional
consequences inherent in 'your' dumping of drugs into
Children's nervous systems, just 'because', when 'you'
were in graduate [and/or medical] school, 'you' were
told that "No one knows why [with respect to this or
that within nervous system functionality]".

You know?

Wake up!

K. P. Collins

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