Brain clues to attention disorder

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> But the absence-of-understanding guards that which is
> 'familiar' to it 'Jealously'.
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Neither, nor anything of the kind.

Truth is that the absence-of-understanding
literally exists within nervous systems, and
what I'm 'complaining' about is that NDT's
position is being actively censored.

I'm 'complaining' =not= about folks 'agreeing'
or 'disagreeing', but the fact that folks will
not even allow NDT's position to be Pub-

[And, while I'm 'complaining' about this, I'm
also disclosing how and why the censorship
arises within nervous systems.

As I've discussed in the past, it happens in
a 'blindly'-automated consequence of TD E/I-
minimization, left uncomprehended.

While such 'blind'-automation continues to
dictate behaviro, =everyone= is victimized
by such.

All I'm doing is what's necessary to eliminate
the 'blind'-automation, and, hence, our
collective victimization.

I'm =not= interested in 'trashing' institutions.

I'm working to do the =one= thing - eliminate
the savagery that the 'blind'-automation inflicts
upon Humanity.

It only gives me sorrow to have to point-out
particular instances of the 'blind'-automation
in action, so that folks can, then, see and
understand the nature of all that's entailed.

You know? The only reason for which any-
thing about what I'm doing could be considered
to be 'offensive' would be if I were to not do it.

If I didn't do it, then I'd be volitionally abandoning
folks to the dictates of the 'blind'-automation.

I will not so abandon folks to "Abstract Ignorance".

But, gees-'louise', instead of 'taking-offense', why
don't 'you' just think about things from NDT's

If 'you' do so, 'you' will see that all I'm doing is
holding you in my 'heart', and fighting through all
of this for =you=.

You know?

Why not help get NDT's understanding communicated?

Why not eliminate the 'blind'-automation that
so ravages Humanity?

You know - why not 'just' do Neuroscience?

K. P. Collins

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