Cytokines and Depression

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Earlier this night, while drivinginto a burger
joint, the radio station to which I was tuned
played some Christmas music that was sung
by the late Jimmy Durante.

I was transported back to my Youth, with
memories of laying belly-down before the
TV, watching the Jimmy Durante Show.

Mr. Durante was famous for, in addition
to his gifts as an entertainer, his out-sized
nose - "The Schnoz".

Why I'm getting into this is that, after posting
the lines quoted above, I realized that it is
'modern' practice to 'treat' noses via plastic

And it struck me - where does the propensity
to seek 'treatment' for one's nose come from?

It doesn't come from within, at least not

It comes from without - as a result of all the
'stares' that a bulbous nose elicits - all the
derogatory comments - all the unthinking
cruelty to which one with a 'big nose' is
subjected [as Rostand so gently portrayed
in the case of his Love-struck, Cyrano De

The so-called 'pathology' of the cognitive
dynamics that have been referred to as
"depression" stem, in the =same= way,
from without.

Folks who encounter others who are
"rocking in the cradle" [AoK, Ap8] of
'depression's information-processing
mechanism experience a bit of TD E/I(up)
because the 'depressed' person's be-
havior has, in fact, become 'quieted', and
under the pretense of 'wanting to help', do
all manner of unthinkingly-cruel stuff to the
'depressed' person, in the same way that
folks do cruel stuff to folks having big noses.

So, just as the folks having big noses are
induced by the unthinking cruelty of those
around them perceive themselves as 'being
ugly', which induces them to go to a plastic
surgeon for a 'nose job', the 'depressed' folks,
who are in the midsts of backing out of this
or that learning cul de sac that's been signalled
within their nervous systems by TD E/I(up)-
generating "rendering useless", go to a 'psychi-
atrist' to get 'treatment' for their 'depression'.

It's all so Tragically-'hilarious', in both instances,
'big nose' or 'depression', all of the 'pathology'
exists in the absence-of-understanding on the
parts of the folks who do the unthinkingly cruel

Tonight, the fond remembrance of Jimmy Durante's
Excellent Gfts to me and my Family [and, of
course millions of others] brought all of this into
clear perspective.

I encounter the same-stuff routinely because,
well, I've always had this 'intelligence' - it's
just like a 'big nose' because I see stuff that
others don't see, and [as folks here in b.n are
aware] I tend feel obligation to share the stuff
that I see because I'm aware that others are
suffering because most folks can't see it, see?

But, when I share the stuff I can see that others
cannot [yet] see, that results in occurrences of
TD E/I(up) within others' nervous systems, and
others react to that TD E/I(up) that occurs with-
in their nervous systems in 'blindly'-automated
ways, which tend, strongly, to be 'cruel' - kind
of like what the fictional character "Edward
Scissorhands" was subjected to.

So I've always understood a lot about 'big noses',
etc. It's probably why Cyrano is one of my all-
'time' favorite Literary characters.

And it's why I've Obligation to Fix the Erroneous
presumptions with respect to the mechanism of

There's Savage-Cruelty being inflicted upon Innocents
by the still-prevailing absence-of-understanding.

[So I've not 'flied-off-the-handle'. I've Obligation,
and I 'move toward' the Responsibility inherent.
It'll be 'interesting' seeing how folks'll react.]

I Love your ol' 'Schnozolla', Mr. Durante, and
I'm so glad you didn't succumb to the cruelty
that you surely experienced.

And, since you're not here to do it, I'll do it for

"Good night, Mrs. Callabash, where eva you are!"

ken [k. p. collins]

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