Cytokines and Depression

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This stuff that I've been discussing, using 'depression'
as the 'topic', is within the realm of the 'Difficult' stuff
that I came back online to discuss.

The full realm of the 'Difficult' stuff is with respect to
the way that folks treat one another with such 'cruelty'.

It's what AoK's all about - the way that Prejudice
TOward the FAmiliar [PTOFA] that derives in 'blindly'-
automated TD E/I-minimization results in folks 'devaluing'
the worth of others.

It happens over the complete spectrum of Human
interactive dynamics, from interpersonal through groups
of any size, through population interactions, to Humanity
as a whole.

It's what's underpinned all the wars that have ever been
waged, including the dynamics =on both sides= of the
current 'war' in which Humanity has dragged itself.

>From here on out, I'll have a lot to say about this one
set of things, but I'm 'happy' tonight 'cause I finally
get to explain why I've used such an unusual posting
style. All along, I've been working to show that 'style'
doesn't matter relative to content, but in commonplace
interactive dynamics, it's usually the case that things're
treated as if just the opposite is 'true'.

If a person's discourse lacks the 'proper' stylistic
'ambiance' ['normal' nomenclature and usage, etc.], it
doesn't matter what he says, he gets treated in a
devalued way.

And this happens right across 'humanity'.

So, from here on out, I'll be calling folks to task with
respect to what needs to be done to lift Humanity up
out of the 'blind'-automation that has so ravaged it
throughout the course of History.

We Humans are much better than the engines of cruelty
that we have been.

We don't have to wage war in order to get to where
we want to be.

But, you see, none of what Humans are capable of is
possible unless the simple facts about how our nervous
systems process information are explained to folks.

I can no longer justify saying, "Do not respond."

I did that because I knew NDT was a lot, and I saw the
need to allow folks a sufficient 'time' to come up to speed.

I've now been here in your electronic presences for
a 'time' that's commensurate with the 'time' that putting
NDT together required. That is, you've hadas long to
think NDT's thought as it took for NDT's thought to
form in the first place.

I expect the folks who meet here in b.n are up to the task.

So, from here on out, I'll be expecting folks to take
up the discussion with the goal of achieving generalized

We cannot Fail in this.

Failure in this endeavor invites Tragedy upon the future
of Humanity.

Of course, if anyone feels that anything that's been asserted
with respect to NDT is not sustainable, then they not only
should call it into question, if they're in Science Professionally,
then they've Obligation to do so.

So go ahead.

As soon as there are no further such questions, I will, then,
expect that NDT's stuff will begin to be communicated in a
generalized way, or, that failing, to hear arguments with
respect to why NDT's stuff cannot be communicated in a
generalized way.

Fair enough?

It's a 'time' for escaping the dictates of 'blind'-automation.

It's my position that NDT's understanding constitutes the
means to that end - for all of Humanity.

If anyone disagrees with this position, or they just don't
want to be involved, then speak up, or I'll presume you
want your name put in the "Agrees With" 'column'.


ken [K. P. Collins]

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