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> It's genuinely-hilarious - I got up early this
> morning, began the further necessary analysis,
> but my 'diet' has been so defficient that, when
> I ate some Clementine tangerines that a Generous
> Neighbor gave me as a Christmas Gift [I had
> about 8 of them :-], whatever's in-them filled-in
> at least a portion of my dietary defficiency, and
> put me right to sleep :-]
> I fought it, and fought it, but after writing out 22
> pages of the further analysis, gave in to the 'calling
> of my bed.
> [...]

It might not have been anything in the clementines
that induced my sleepiness.

After enjoying the clementines, I went to get a
further supply, and, while at the market, purchased
some grapes. They were really good - as big as the
little tomatoes that come on salads :-] Supposedly
"seedless". but =full= of seeds. [It's a good day for
'planting seeds', anyway :-]

But, although I rinsed the grapes, they still had the sort
of peripherally-localized 'powdery' coloring and taste
that I've come to associate with pesticides. [How do
folks get that stuff off of grapes without 'bruising' the

My kitchen sink's drain is still not open [drains only
slowly - I've got to get under the trailer, when the
warm weather returns, to see if I can get at the
clog from the other direction ["kitchen sink proct-
ology :-], so I probably didn't wash the grapes

I realized that the sleepiness was more-closely
correlated to my eating of the grapes.

So I think it was residual pesticides that 'knocked
me sleepy'.

Just wanted to not leave other than my best understanding
posted - don't want to influence anyone's grocery-
shopping. Would like to experience grapes sans pesticides.


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