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CORRECTION!!! and a lot of new stuff below.

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> > Hi Peter.
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> > > > Thank you for continuing.
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> > > > > The energy density at an instantaneous point
> > > > > in 3D space is a weird thing, remember Heisenberg?
> > > >
> > > > Honestly, I just cannot see any "uncertainty".
> > >
> > > It is a weird thing because instantaneous points
> > > dont physically exist! Everything is moving or
> > > changing (BTW, time IS correlations of changes
> > > against a relatively regularly changing entropy
> > > increasing gradient - as Ken might put it.
> >
> > I can transform 3-D energydynamics to discuss them
> > in terms of 'time', but doing so still doesn't impart
> > physical existence to what's been referred to as "time".
> >
> > > If Alex wants to 'justify' the Uncertainty Principle
> > > (which by the way does not need any justification),
> > > why fight against it?
> >
> > Honestly, I just cannot see any 'uncertainty' - any non-
> > deterministic dynamics.
> >
> > > This since 1. You presumably want to have your
> > > theory seen as a theory that explains much about
> > >  neurology and behaviour, and, most importantly,
> > > to have it published;
> >
> > I long, first, to Honor Truth.
> >
> > I long, too, to have the work I've done Published.
> >
> > But not at the too-great-cost of Dishonoring Truth.
> >
> > > 2. Presumably, you know that virtual particles
> > > and vacuum energy, and the "Casimir effect"
> > > thus created, all *do* exist - no matter how
> > > strangely so;
> >
> > "Virtual particles" are just 3-D energydynamics
> > riding the crest of WDB2T's universal energy
> > gradient.
> >
> > Things pop in and out of temporarily-formed
> > SSW<->UES harmonics in a way that's exactly
> > analogous to the macroscopic observables in a
> > 2-liter bottle of gingerale that's just been opened
> > for the first 'time'.
> >
> > The WDB2T energy gradient is right-there-to-see
> > in the bottle - bubbles of CO2 burst forth out of
> > the uniformly-bubble-free liquid, and ride the WDB2T
> > energy gradient, thumbing their noses at what's been
> > referred to as "gravity" [some would say that 'gravity'
> > pushes them up', but it's 'just' universal WDB2T's
> > order->dis-order stuff happening right-there in the
> > bottle].
> >
> > "Vacuum energy" is 'just' an incomplete [because it
> > doesn't see WDB2T] 'nod' to the UES.
> >
> > The "Casimir Effect" is 'just' more setting-up of
> > fleeting SS[W]<->UES harmonics, replete with a <----- typo
> > rigorously-coupled 'light show' through which the
> > harmonics' 'winking-out' can be observed.


My comments in the paragraph immediately above
are an Erroneous 'tweener'. I realized that it was so
in my waking->sleeping consciousness transition
when I went to bed shortly after posting the last of
my msgs this morning. I thought about getting out
of bed, and gettting dressed again, so that I could
post a correction of my Error, but decided that I'd
"do it later" ['now'], and gave myself over to sleep-
ing consciousness because I knew that I was still
in a sleep-deficit 'state'.

It's funny. =While I was responding= to Peter's post,
the term "bremsstrahlung" was repeatedly popping
into my consciousness [which is hilarious because
this sort of thing is just like the virtual particle' stuff
that Peter was addressing, only, within nervous sys-
tem 3-D energydynamics, it's flat-out easy to see
that the 'popping' is rigorously correlated to energy-
thresholding dynamics. This's easy to see because
it's simultaneously easy to see that the 'popping' of
a term into consciousness has to occur as a function
of relatively wide-spread 'Coulomb force' dynamics
that are geometrecally-conformed to the neural
Topology - it's easy to see, in this, that the 'popping'
of the word into consciousness =cannot= be as
some sort of 'particle', virtual or otherwise, 'pop-
ping into existence'. Whatever 'word' it is that 'pops'
into consciousness, it's 'popping'-into-consciousness
is always accompanied by at least a portion of the
complete representation of the verbal symbol's
connotations that have accumulated "biological mass"
[with respect to which "microscopic trophic modifica-
tions have been constructed] during the course of one's
activation-dependent experience [within one's "experi-
ential total"]. And because it's easy to see that such
'varigated' connotations can =only= be correlated
with a commensurately-large set of "supersystem
configurations", in which there are massively-parallel
wide-ranging connotation-dependent [and, hence,
relatively-different] convergences upon TD E/I-min-
imized global-system interconnectedness, the 'popping'
can =only= occur as an energy-thresholding dynamic
that is =distributed= 'throughout' [in a TD E/I-min-
imized way] the nervous system.

Hence, the 'popping' of the word into consciousness
=cannot= occur in a 'particle'-like fashion. It can
=only= occur as a 3-D energy-thresholding dynamic.


[BTW, everything that's necessary to see all of this
[most of the double-quoted stuff above] has been in
AoK all along, mostly in Ap5, but all of AoK is
necessary in its 'seeing'.]

Anyway, as I've explained in long-former posts, a
'tweener' is an instance of non-optimally-TD E/I-
minimized "supersystem configuration"-gating that
always has an "unfinitized" [AoK, Ap4] 'mingling'
of 'information' that has yet to be 'separated' and
"finitized" via further TD E/I-minimization.

I responded to Peter's "Casimir Effect" stuff, but
was simultaneously 'thinking' about other stuff
correlated to "bremsstrahlung", but, further, was
actually in the midst of convergence with respect
to "Cerenkov radiation" :-]

So, to release my 'self' from the burden accrued to
me by my having 'gone-off half-cocked', I will discuss
all three topics in Physics from the perspective of
Tapered Harmony, beginning with what Peter brought
up. [To do this, I had to get our my 'Big Books', which
I'll give references to below, and which is funny itself
because space 'in the cockpit' [what I call the little
'covey' that's left for me in what would, otherwise, be
the "living room" of my trailer] is so cramped that,
when I get out my Big Books, I have to move as a
'contortionist' in order to get in and out of 'the
cockpit', and 'shuffle' the Books in two stacks in order
to read in any of them :-] [For the Children, nothing is

"Casimir Effect:":

"[QUANT MECH] An attractive force between two
parallel[comma removed] conducting plates in empty
space that arises from the sero-point quantum fluctua-
tions of the vacuum electromagnetic field and is propor-
tional to 1/d^4 where d is the plate separation."
[McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical
Terms Fifth Edition", p321.]

Although this is in the standard dogma of modern
Physics, it's just Wrong. What's actually happening,
as the plates are being brought closer together, is
that "ephemerance" [in Tapered Harmony [TH],
"energy's freedom to move"] is becoming nonlinearly
increasingly restricted, and all of this happens in a
deterministically-coupled way to the one-way flow
of energy from order to dis-order that is what's
=described= by 2nd Thermo [WDB2T].

As the plates are brought together, because of the
'solidity' of the plates, the 'portion' of the UES
[in TH, "Universal Energy Supply" - like the 'aether',
only 'free' to flow in accord with WDB2T] that is
between the plates 'experiences' decreasing
freedom to move. As this occurs, SSW<->UES
harmonics comprising the two plates become in-
creasingly-asymmetrically-sustained in a way that
is deterministically-coupled to WDB2T be-cause
the plates increasingly 'block' each other's 'exper-
iencing of the UES-flow in the direction of their
spatial separation.

The observed 'attraction' of the plates is determin-
istically-coupled to the decrease of ephemerance
in the gap that separates the plates =exclusively=
be-cause of the fact that the SSW<->UES harmon-
ics comprising the plates have become asymmetric-
ally-sustained. When this happens, to the degree
that it does, the SSW<->UES harmonics comprising
the stuffs of the plates actually share their UES-
sustaining 3-D energydynamics.

It's this UES-sharing that's imposed by the increased
restriction of energy's freedom to move ["ephemerance"]
as the plates are brought closer together, upon the
SSW<->UES harmonics comprising the plates that is
observed as the 'attraction' of the plates.

It's not actually an "attraction", but a sifting-spreading
of the available UES-sustenance that's rigorously-
coupled to the fact that the plates' SSW<->UES
harmonics are becoming inceasingly asymmetrically-
sustained. And it's not actually "1/d^4", but behaves
in exact accord with what's in the little "Compton
Refraction" QBASIC apps that I posted at about this
yearly-'time' last Winter. That is, all of this is Testable
via the Maths in the Compton Refraction apps, and
can be so Tested by emersing the Casimir apparatus
in a controlled 3-D energy environment [in an accel-
erator]. The experiment has to be done in a 'gentle'
way. The 3-D energy environment that's impose
cannot, for instance, knock anything out of the plates,
and special detectors have to be developed that can
'see' into the 3-D space and compositions of the plates,
even as the plates are moved into apposition. The
stuff that will be observed will reflect the variation of
SSW<->UES harmonics symmetry at distances away
from the gap between the plates, and this'll correspond
to the Maths in the Compton Refraction apps.

That is, it's 'just' both the UES and it's relative ephem-
erance rendered observable for all to See.

It's all 'just' continuous energy flow that's Deterministic
with respect to the one, overall, universal energy-flow
that is WDB2T.

I'll discuss "Cerenkov Radiation:" and "bremsstrahlung"
in follow-ups to this post, where I'll strip-out the
preceding discussion, doing further discussion in a
stand-alone way.

K. P. Collins

> >
> > > 3. That most people are not aware of , or are
> > > legitimately still uncertain, about the string
> > > theoretical approach in fundamental physics.
> >
> > I didn't get much further than it's postualting of
> > "11 dimensions", eight of which are 'conveniently'
> > 'crumpled-up' into near oblivion.
> >
> > "Epicycles" :-[
> >
> > Move-on.
> More recently, they're doing it with "loops", and
> others are doing an analogous thing with "branes".
> Pretty soon, they'll be doing it with spherical
> standing wave 'dark energy' harmonics, and, although
> I'll not receive credit, I'll have been Published.
> ken
> > > [The mathematical "strings"-concept seems (to
> > > the few who know) to be a better approach to
> > > solve equations and explain things of relevance in
> > > fundamental physics, than to try to solve the same
> > > things by way of mathematics based on the "point"-
> > > concept.]
> >
> > With respect to folks being biased with respect to
> > that with which they're relatively 'familiar' [including
> > me], see NDT, where the neural dynamics under-
> > pinning such are reified.
> >
> > With respect to 'points', I agree..
> >
> > > Don't waste your energy to answer this post, Ken.
> > > Instead concentrate on Alex.
> >
> > It's all worthwhile.
> > >
> > > Lastly , *please* stop writing "keeping *tract*"!!!
> > > The word to use is "TRACK".
> > >
> > > P
> >
> > I stand corrected.
> >
> > Thank you.
> >
> > ken [k. p. collins]
> >
> >

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