Brain clues to attention disorder

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> It would be nice with some references to scientific
> studies (if any).

I have a monograph, "On the Automation of Knowing
within Central Nervous Systems: A Brief Introduction
to Neuroscientific Duality Theory", that I send to folks
who want it. It's an electronin book, written in an old
MSDOS hypertext system.

It sufficiently substantiates the position that I've been
addressing - in terms of the proven Neuroscience
experimental results.

I send it out gratis. You're welcome to a copy.

> Without it , it seems that this argumentation is based
> on aneqdotal and subjectively biased information only -
> hence worth no more than a bag of air.
> orkeltatte

I Agree with what you say, observing only that it is not
me who is "without it" :-]

I tried to get the stuff of "AoK" [the monograph above]
published, in one form or another, for more than a decade.

Finally, I realized that it was just too far ahead of the field.

So I came online to 'fill in the gap', which is what I'm doing
here in b.n.

Your reaction is pretty much the sort of reaction that I
routinely got when I was submitting my work for Publication.

Presumption of this or that 'deficiency' without ever reading
the book.


k. p. collins

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