Deities cannot exist because of their consciousness

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Hi Wolf.

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> >The point of my post was that whatever your
> >view, your beliefs include things you hold as
> >axioms.
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> >Keith
> I'm aware of that. These people don't seem to
> realise that if statements about god's existence
> are theorems, then god's existence is contingent,
> and not absolute.

God's Existence isn't "contingent" upon anything
but God's Existence.

What one person or another "believes" pertains
=only= to that person's choice with respect to
how the person will actualize her/his behavior
with respect to "The Existence of God".

The "Existence of God" isn't "contingent" upon
"belief", just as Truth isn't "contingent" upon a
person's relative awareness of Truth.

Truth is, despite an individual's, group's, society's,
Humanity's relative awareness of Truth.

The best we can do is seek Truth.

We cannot 'alter' Truth through anything that we
can do.

Truth is.

The question of "God's Existence" is with respect to
Truth, not with respect to "belief".

Cheers, Wolf,

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