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Sat Dec 27 10:10:21 EST 2003

I've been 'experimenting' by carefully controlling
my food-intake, allowing my body to experience
food stuffs in only relatively-widely-separated

I eat other stuff, and allow that its existence
within my body.

Then 'fast'.

Then eat some of the 'grapes'.

Something within the totality of the grapes is
definitely psychoactive.

Eating them changes my 'mood' in a 'time'-
correlated way, and also leaves me with the
'same', stereotypically-localized [in a right-frontal
'zone' with visual involvements] headache.

Same thing has happened on every 'grapes' trial.

Dang! The 'grapes' were really tasty, and, for me,
really Expensive. I purchased them as a 'treat', being
aware that grapes are a good source of calcium [and,
after the Clementines, wanting to see if I would be
able to - because of what's been my on-going dietary
deficiency - experience any 'looking-into' the action of
another food-stuff in which I rarely partake].

I've got to throw the remainder of the 'grapes' away
[more than half of my initial purchase], I expect,
be-cause they are coated with pesticides that are
the psychoactive stuff.

[I should take them to a Lab, but my experience
has been that I'm not taken seriously when I do.
I'm pretty 'low-key', and tend to be just 'brushed-aside'
as an 'ignorant person' when I go to non-'low-key'
places. Which has always been 'funny' to me.]

Anyway, why I'm actually discussing this stuff is
because these psychoactive substances are, of course,
being inflicted upon the Children.

And, when the Children's bodys' react to them, the
prevailing absence-of-understanding 'sees' the Children
as 'being ill', and imposes further psychoactive stuff
upon the functioning of their nervous systems.

Which is, as I've stated previously, entirely noln-

Yet, it's what absence-of-understanding inflicts upon
Humanity through its dictates.

Absence-of-understanding is the 'pre-eminent'
'psychoactive' detriment to the well-being of Humanity.

To paraphrase from AoK, Ap7, the 'grapes' are not
'sour', they're psychoactive - willfully.

And absence-of-understanding 'feeds the grapes'
to the Children ['the grapes' being =anything= that
derives in absence-of-understanding - like War].

ken [k. p. collins, realizing that what's here will
probably 'fly-right-through' nervous systems]

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> > It's genuinely-hilarious - I got up early this
> > morning, began the further necessary analysis,
> > but my 'diet' has been so defficient that, when
> > I ate some Clementine tangerines that a Generous
> > Neighbor gave me as a Christmas Gift [I had
> > about 8 of them :-], whatever's in-them filled-in
> > at least a portion of my dietary defficiency, and
> > put me right to sleep :-]
> >
> > I fought it, and fought it, but after writing out 22
> > pages of the further analysis, gave in to the 'calling
> > of my bed.
> > [...]
> It might not have been anything in the clementines
> that induced my sleepiness.
> After enjoying the clementines, I went to get a
> further supply, and, while at the market, purchased
> some grapes. They were really good - as big as the
> little tomatoes that come on salads :-] Supposedly
> "seedless". but =full= of seeds. [It's a good day for
> 'planting seeds', anyway :-]
> But, although I rinsed the grapes, they still had the sort
> of peripherally-localized 'powdery' coloring and taste
> that I've come to associate with pesticides. [How do
> folks get that stuff off of grapes without 'bruising' the
> grapes?]
> My kitchen sink's drain is still not open [drains only
> slowly - I've got to get under the trailer, when the
> warm weather returns, to see if I can get at the
> clog from the other direction ["kitchen sink proct-
> ology :-], so I probably didn't wash the grapes
> sufficiently.
> I realized that the sleepiness was more-closely
> correlated to my eating of the grapes.
> So I think it was residual pesticides that 'knocked
> me sleepy'.
> Just wanted to not leave other than my best understanding
> posted - don't want to influence anyone's grocery-
> shopping. Would like to experience grapes sans pesticides.
> ken
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