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> Anyway, why I'm actually discussing this stuff is
> because these psychoactive substances are, of course,
> being inflicted upon the Children.
> And, when the Children's bodys' react to them, the
> prevailing absence-of-understanding 'sees' the Children
> as 'being ill', and imposes further psychoactive stuff
> upon the functioning of their nervous systems.
> Which is, as I've stated previously, entirely noln-
> sensical.
> Yet, it's what absence-of-understanding inflicts upon
> Humanity through its dictates.
> Absence-of-understanding is the 'pre-eminent'
> 'psychoactive' detriment to the well-being of Humanity.
> To paraphrase from AoK, Ap7, the 'grapes' are not
> 'sour', they're psychoactive - willfully.
> And absence-of-understanding 'feeds the grapes'
> to the Children ['the grapes' being =anything= that
> derives in absence-of-understanding - like War].
> ken [k. p. collins, realizing that what's here will
> probably 'fly-right-through' nervous systems]

Psychoactive 'substances' often come in stealthy

I caught a News Report on TV this morning. It
addressed the 'Murder' Conviction of 12-year-
old Lionnel Tate in the Death of 6-year-old
Tiffany Eunick.

I saw Tragedy, all around - Tragedy deriving in
stealthy propagation of Psychoactive stuff.

No, I'm not asserting that Lionnel Tate was under
the influence of drugs. The Psychoactive 'substances'
involved are of another form.

In this Tragedy that took the Life of Tiffany Eunick,
Lionnel Tate was in the midst of TD E/I-minimization
that had prior TV viewing as its guiding "sensory
template" [see the discussions of "dynamic subordinate
coupling" and "supersystem configuration", and
"passive/active phase shifting", in AoK, Ap5].

Lionnel Tate was 'acting-out' "Big Time Wrestling"
'moves' that he'd viewed on TV =without= any
Awareness that "Big Time Wrestling" is 'just' more
'performance art' - that it's superficial portrayal of
Brutality is just that, a portrayal.

It had been Lionnel Tate's experience that, despite
the Burtality inherent inherent in  "Big Time Wrestling's"
Portrayals of 'Violence', 'there exist no consequences'
that follow from such Brutal acts - because, subsequent
to this or that Violent Portrayal, the 'wrestlers' just
get up and walk away, and return, in complete vigor,
to 'fight' the next 'match', the only thing augmenting
being the 'grudge'-vendetta with which subsequent
Brutality is portrayed.

When he committed his real acts of Brutality against
Tiffany Eunick, Lionnel Tate was acting in accord
with the Learning that had been induced within his
nervous system as a result of his prior viewing of
'Big Time Wrestling' on TV.

He fully expected that he could inflict such upon
Tiffany Eunick, and she would suffer no harm from
his doing so 'because' that was what he'd always
experienced as being the case in his TV viewing.

In these behavioral dynamics, 'Big Time Wrestling's'
Brutality is =exactly= as a Psychoactive Substance,
in that it was actualized, within Lionnel Tate's nervous
system, in a way that strongly determined the TD E/I-
minimization convergence that occurred within his
nervous system.

So it is not Lionnel Tate who was Culpable in the
Tragic Death of Tiffany Eunick. It was those Adults
who inflicted portrayals of Brutality upon Lionnel
Tate's relatively-inexperienced nervous system
=without= taking any precautions to convey the
fact that the 'Brutality' was 'just' another instance of
the Violent 'portrayals' that are commonplace on TV.

It was the Adults' Failure to maintain the context of
Reality that resulted in Lionnel Tates' nervous system's
TD E/I-minimization dynamics to converge in a way
that was False with respect to the Consequences
inherent in acts of Brutality.

In such, 'Big Time Wrestling's' portrayals of Brutality
are exatly analogous to any other Psychoactive
Substance, and 'Big Time Wrestling' and TV were
[and still are] acting in ways that are analogous to
the actions of any drug-pusher out on the street, only,
in one way, with much more Brutality. The supposedly
'OK' TV Psychoactive Substance pushing is inherently
much more Brutal than are the acts of drug pushers
out on the street be-cause of the generalized notion
that portrayals of violence 'are OK' - that they 'do
not' feed-back into behavior - which is demonstrably
False [and which, in the Death of Tiffany Eunick, was
Demonstrated to be False].

Note well, in this Analysis, I am =NOT= condemning
individuals who have relative degrees of Responsibility
with respect to TV's portrayals of Violence.

With respect to such, it's been the prevailing absence-
of-understanding with respect to how nervous systems
process information via 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-
minimization, and why they do, that is the Murderer.

That said, however, I have Witnessed a Volitional
Choice to 'move away from' promulgating any under-
standing of how and why nervous systems process
information via 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimiza-
tion. It most-often takes the form of a 'squirming'
behavioral reflection of the supposed 'dependence'
of 'profits' upon the 'need' to 'suspend disbelief', on
the parts of viewers, with respect to the Brutal
portrayals that appear on TV. The complete absence
of Forthright declarations of the fact that the Brutality
that will be portrayed can, in fact, induce analogously-
Brutal behavioral propensities within the nervous
systems of viewers flat-out declares the Volitional
Choice to put 'profits' above the well-being of Society.

And that's where 'Art' becomes a Volitional
promulgation of Psychoactive Substances - in the
act of 'cringing' from simple promulgation of Truth,
"because, if we do that, then our profits will decrease".

'profits' :-[

Wake up! Folks.

This Volitional Withholding of Truth is =exactly
analogous to the Tobacco Industry's Volitional With-
holding of Truth with respect to the Injuriousness of
tobacco use.

And the Tragic dynamics discussed above are not
the whole 'story'.

I saw a report on the =Washington Post's" web site
this morning that indicates that the Enlistments of U. S.
service Men and Women are being extended.

It's an analogous case of absence-of-understanding
dictating Tragedy without Caring about the 'forces'
that it is inviting into Existence.

"Fight that war!"

"Who cares if there are Lives involved that will be
utterly altered forever [or Lost], as long as such
alteration [or Loss] does not pertain to us or our
own loved ones?"

Where's the Connection between these latter dynamics
and the Tragedy of Tiffany Eunick?

In the case of the Soldiers' Lives that are being Lost,
the Lives of thousands of their Loved Ones are being

And the Same-Stuff exists at the heart of this larger

"Abstract Ignorance", and a Volitional Choice to
'move away from' the promulgation of understanding
with respect to the way nervous systems process
information via 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimiza-
tion, in order to seek 'profits' - the 'result' being that
a generalized Tragedy that far exceeds the scope of
the attacks of 2001-09-11, has been Inflicted upon the
Population of This Nation.

What 'profits' were involved?

It's my Analysis that the War in Iraq has been as a
personal Vendetta on the part of President Bush,
be=cause Saddam Hussein had attempted to Murder
the former President Bush.

There's no other 'explanation' for the way that the
actual Fight was forsaken in order to 'take this side-
trip' into Iraq.

And, in these dynamics, the Psychoactive Substance
that has been stealthily Promulgated upon the Citizenry
has been the Falsehood that putting Saddam Hussein
out of power, in one way or another, would "make
America [or the World] a safer place".

It's all been 'just' more 'profit'-seeking - a "winning of
the trifects", as the President called it shortly after

And, so, today, U. S. Service Women and Men are
confronted, =unnecessarily=, with their Lives being
altered forever [or Lost], and, through them, the Lives
of thousands of their Loved ones are Suffering correl-
ated "rendering useless".

There was, and remains, a Better Way, Mr. President,
and my Fellow Citizens.

It is to "take action" with respect to the wellspring of
Violence within nervous systems - by replacing the
absence-of-understanding that has prevailed with
understanding with respect to how and why nervous
systems process information via 'blindly'-automated
TD E/I-minimization.

You know - stop invoking Psychoactive B. S. that
'moves away from' Truth, and start 'moving toward'

This is the =only= way that Humanity can be lifted-
up out of the Tragedy that "abstract ignorance" has
so Mercilessly inflicted upon it since the Beginning.

The 'time' has come with respect to the "taking of
action" with respect to such be-cause, as I've
discussed in long-former posts, Humanity is presently
confronted with a circumstance that is =unique=
within the History of Humankind - modern means
of communication and transport have thrust folks,
all around the world, into circumstances with respect
to which they are relatively 'unfamiliar', and modern
weaposn technology has made it possible for weapons
of Mass-Destruction to be acquired by folks who've
been abandoned to absence-of-understanding with
respect to how the 'simple' experiencing of the
'unfamiliar' always elevates TD E/I within nervous

In the absence-of-understanding, it all will unfold in
a manner that is exactly analogous to the Tragedy of
Tiffany Eunick, only the Victims will be myriad such
Innocents - and the Well-Loved and Cherished Stuffs
of Nations all around the world.

As usual, the stuff I've discussed in this post is
superficially 'Difficult', but, if anyone only looks and
sees, they will See where the actual Difficulty exists.

It's in allowing behavioral dynamics to be Dictated
by absence-of-understanding.

Why not 'just' remove its wellspring from its Ignoble
place of dominance where it's been Willingly allowed
to exist at the heart of Human Affairs?

Instead of Killing and more Killing, why not just
allow the =only= thing that can eliminate the absence-of-
understanding to accomplish what needs to be done,

You know, why not 'move toward' Truth, instead of
'moving away from' it?

Why not Do-Science, instead of 'moving away from'

K. P. Collins

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