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> There's no other 'explanation' for the way that the
> actual Fight was forsaken in order to 'take this side-
> trip' into Iraq.
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What is the "actual fight"?

It's not one that can be fought with bullets, bombs,
or other weapons systems.

It is the fight to lift Humanity up above 'blindly'-
automated resort to use of 'force', which, as is
discussed in AoK, Ap8, =only= elevates TD E/I
within the nervous systems that suffer 'force'-
imposed "rendering useless", and, through such
imposed TD E/I(up) results =only= in convergence
upon TD E/I-minimization propensities, within
those nervous systems, that are mapped antagon-
istically with respect to those who apply the
TD E/I(up)-generating 'force'.

This's exactly what happened, in the 'resolution'
of World War I's bloodshed, that Determined
that the bloodshed of World War II would fol-

Get it?

The 'fight' that needs to be 'fought' it =not= with
respect to this or that act of aggression, but with
respect to the absence-of-understanding of how
and why nervous systems 'blindly' and automatic-
ally converge upon manifestation of aggression
that =only= assures that subsequent aggression
will ensue.

Eliminate this absence-of-understanding, and, to
the degree that such is, in fact, accomplished, the
'fighting' will end, once and for all.

There's no 'magic' in this approach to achieving
Peace, but there is some 'Difficulty' in-it, because
it entails lifting each member of a Society up in
the realization that every other Human Being is
their 'equal' - in terms of the way in which
nervous systems process information.

A first step is to allow Truth with respect to how
nervous systems process information to be

Try to see the absence of such Publication from
my perspective.

I mean, ponder what is virtually shouted-out by
the collective 'silence' with respect to Truth's
being Censored - even while Truth's being
Censored Ravages Humanity.

Witnessing such takes one's breath away.

k. p. collins

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