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Hi Peter,

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> > Consider the "twins paradox", for instance.
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> Hi Ken,
> What is your philosophical/theoretical feeling about
> the notion (reported discovery) of negative energy
> and that it *accelerates* the expansion (WDB2T
> dissipation) of our (this) universe.?
> P

I Predicted all that at least a decade before it was
observed. I discussed this Prediction here in b.n
long before the observations were first announced.
I've been discussing analogous stuff all along.

I Honestly believe it's all just more of the work
I've done being 'borrowed'.

When it was observed, I wrote to Journalists
[who I've been writing to all along] that, although
I'd like to believe the observations because they'd
Substantiate the long-standing Prediction, of which
the Journalists were long-since aware, I remained
skeptical, at that 'time', because I could not, then,
distinguish between the possibility that the "accelera-
ting-expansion" stuff was just another 'hoax' and
its being an Observation-in-Truth.

I checked further, and came to accept the Observa-
tions as Genuine [be-cause, since the observations
were so widely affirmed, the 'alternative' would've
been 'two'-ugly to countenance.]

[Over the years, I've been subjected to myriad
'hoaxes' that always take the form of disembling-
disinformation. It's been 'hilarious' to me to see that
the folks doing the 'hoaxes' actually 'thought' that
they could 'pull-it-off' - they 'thought' that this or
that 'hoax-stuff' would induce me to take that or
this False stand. But all I =ever= do is work from
first principles in Tapered Harmony, and it's only
when Tapered Harmony "OK's" this or that that
I take-action with respect to it. That is, all the
'hoaxes' have ever been is food-for-thought. Any-
one who's hung-out here in b.n for long enough
has received posts of mine that 'bat-down' the
'hoax-stuff'. I do some of this on an almost-
'daily' basis. It's been the 'hidden' dynamics of
what's fallen to me to Do.]

ken [k. p. collins]

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