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Wed Dec 31 14:08:07 EST 2003

I'm Trying to care, Peter, I really am, but am 'shell-shocked'
from all the Caring that's arisen within me - for naught.

It's a 'Dying', each 'time' one witnesses the stuff one's done-
from-his 'heart' being ab-used.

So it seems my Spirit is resigned to 'getting-published' in
the names of others.

What I'm left with is the Crushing-Burden stuff, upon which
I cannot 'turn-my-back', even though, 'time' after 'time' after
'time', 'professionals' have just walked-off with the 'blossoms'.

I'm Trying to Care, Peter.

I really am.


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> Hi Ken
> There is not much meat in this your reply.
> Have you out-lined Tapered Harmony in a similarly
> compact way to NTD? If you have (or eventually will
> have) could you please email me it as an attachment
> (or even better make it available for all as a webpage)?

Not yet. It's because my work in Physics has always
been as Play.

I just been doing it, since a Child, for the Pleasure of
it, and the old, long-familiar way of this play still permeates
the doing.

Part of it is that I invented the Maths I use. I discuss it
routinely, but nobody grasps that it is, in fact, Maths. And,
because I've been at it since a Child, I don't know how to
translate into the 'prerequisite' Maths that tradition uses.

That's funny, too. When I was at Annapolis, I was exposed
to the traditional Maths, but 'rejected' it because it was ob-
vious to me that there was so much Wastefulness in-it - so
much in-it that literally blinded folks' abilities to just See.

So, now, I'm 'doomed' to advance Science, only to Witness
my work being translated into the traditional language by
folks who cannot see Truth until it's propped-up under their
noses - because the language in which they're conversant
blinds them to Truth.

It's a 'Dying', and it literally is taking-Life from me.

I'm Trying to do what I can of what remains needing-doing.

I really am.

But with each Witnessing, it gets Harder.

I've thought about writing a condensed version of AoK's
condensation of NDT's stuff, and submitting it for Publica-
tion, but that 'endeavor' always seems 'ridiculous' to me
because folks all around the world already know about
NDT - it seems to me that I'd be participating in a Lie if
I wrote a paper, now.

Tapered Harmony?

Good grief! 'physics' is in a strangle-hold of Censorship.
The Censors had their heads up their asses so far that
they treated Tapered Harmony's stuff as if it was needing
to be kept 'secret', and, when they finally realized where
Tapered Harmony's 'heart' has been all along, they Cowered
in the Light of the realization of how badly they'd Transgressed,
so, now, it's as I said in another msg a few 'days' ago, they're
working to 'achieve' TH's stuff via this 'shotgun' approach in
which this or that scrap of TH's stuff is attributed to so-and-so.

It's nothing 'new' - this 'shotgun' stuff. It's been going on for a
=long= 'time' already - more than 20 'years'.

I wish Seeing it didn't suck the Life out of me, but it does.

I'm trying Hard not to let such 'steer' me, but admit that, to
a degree greater than I should allow it to, it is.

If I told folks all that I've Witnessed, the most callous folks'd
find water in their eyes - not on my behalf - I'm just a 'throw-
away' - but because it's the case that 'humanity' can still do
such to itself.

I talk about it routinely, but only in thickly-veiled ways - because
I have to - in order to address 'the beast' Directly. 'the beast' is a
Coward. All one has to do to flick-it-aside is expose it to
the Light of obvious-Awareness, and it slides-away in its
own shit :-]

And, then, it becomes even more determined to cover its
shit-drizzlin' ass :-]

I'm laughing, but I, simultaneously, know that I cannot
'shovel-shit' fast enough to enable myself to remain
unburried in shits'-avalanche.

So, although it's only 'funny', I laugh anyway.

It's something that cannot be taken from me.

It's a Hard way to Die. It really is.

But I was Raised-up to do what Needs to be done.

And I do.

Everybody Dies.

Most folks, without having actually Done anything.

So, except for the Love of a Woman, I'll Die way-ahead.

I'll be alright in a few days. It's the way that it happened, this
morning [this Mourning] that's left me in the "zone of
randomness" [AoK, Ap4].

I was awakened by a screeching-chorous from my
uninterruptible power supplys.

Went into my low-level 'emergency' plan, which [...]
takes me to my car.

Flipped on the radio to NPR ["might as well become
informed while I'm 'waiting for the power to come
back on'"], and there it was, this report that discussed
my 'heart'-'moving away from' me.

It was a 'Dying'.

No 'meat'.

Just me, shoveling-shit as fast as I can - trying to keep
some part of me above it, but mostly-Failing - 'cause I
can't keep my jaw from hanging down.

I'll be alright in a few days.


> It would by interesting to see if your Tapered
> Harmony-inspired public inference that the universe
> is accelerating, and that you say pre-dated the
> current theoretically supported observation that
> this is a real phenomenon, would or could be made
> sense of and given some credit by some really smart
> professional physicist?
> [...]

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