Cerebral Downloading?? <adrian>

Adrian Wojcik zerwan at NO_SPAM.wp.pl
Thu Jan 2 13:32:24 EST 2003

mrdoubter at webtv.net wrote:
> I appreciate your viewpoint but I say the dream as you put it is very
> close to reality. Science shall give what religion has always promised
> so to speak. And one must remember that from my perspective, I care not
> a wit about ethics etc in this matter.

But the problem is not ethical. I would rather characterize it as
ontological. Can mind exist without close attachment to some specific
vessel? Can it be transmitted without loss of self-continuity? These
are main questions. In other way, how can we be sure that the information
transmitted from one vessel to another creates the same human being?
I say that in such process we don't achieve immortality in the strict
sense of term, defined as self's continuity. We create some other
individual and shouldn't be mislaid by similarity to its original.
Now we can ask ethics, is this act of creation good? I don't have
any answer prepared.


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