BLASPHEMY: brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> Dear John:
> One tiny thing you forget, is that The USSR had, at one time, both
> INTERNAL and EXTERNAL Rubles.  The External Rubles were used for foreign
> and inter-governmental trade, and traded at a much different value than
> did their Internal Counterparts.  The Internal Rubles were the Rubles
> actually earned and used by the guy on the street.
> Whether the current government of Russia still uses Internal and
> External Rubles or not, I do not know.  This really does not matter,
> because the Russian Economy has historically performed very unstably.
> Vladimir Putin seems to have begun to put Russia's economy back on the
> map, certainly with lots of foreign aid, but isn't that what happened
> with Leonid Brezhnev, also, with US Government supplies of wheat in the
> 1970s?
> So much for Nikolai Ulyanov's argument that "we shall buy the raw
> materiels from the West, and use them to make the rope which we shall
> use to hang them."  Ulyanov is dead.  So is John Reed.  So is every
> other 1917 Jewish revolutionary who called himself a hero after he
> changed his name to remove its 'jewishness'.
> Meanwhile, pass the vodka, please?
> Sincerely,
> Richard C. August

You fucknuts are STILL at it? OMFG! You stupid Nazi bastards. You just
entered my kill file, dick weed.


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