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But, "wait a minute', 'you' say. "If it's as you claim, and you do
what you say you do as a matter of your own choice, then what are
you whining about?"

I'm 'whining' about the way 'professionals', unwilling to,
themselves, pay the price, that dragging stuff in out of the
'jungle' where the answers live, requires of one, then taking the
work of one who has paid the price, and withholding the real gist
of it from the Children and their Parents.

I'm talking about the Censorship that, even now, will not allow me
to freely discuss my work in certain online Physics places.

I'm talking about my papers being turned around by clerks in the
mailrooms without ever having been read because I don't have some
fancy address.

I'm talking about the awesome imbalance of the billions being
spent to attack Iraq when all that's necessary is to promulgate
NDT's understanding.

I'm talking about having reached out thousands and thousands of
'times' - in person, over the telephone, in the mail, on the
internet, without ever having been given any "OK, let's work this
through" consideration.

I'm talking about the work I've done having been co-opted in the
name of weapons systems development, in the name of 'profits', in
the name of all manner of self-seeking augmentation of
'professionsls' personal welfares.

I'm talking about the corruption amongst the 'authorities' from
whom I've sought remedial action, all the way from this of that
City, up to the highest 'levels' of 'government'.

I'm talking about all the lying, cheating and stealing I've

I'm talking about the Fraud I've witnessed.

I'm talking about the ramifications of all of this with respect to
folks' welfares.

I'm talking about the Survival of Humanity.

You know?

I'm in this work by Choice, that's right.

But, if anyone 'thinks' I'm in it because I'm just wanting to
'live' in the midst of the attendant 'firestorm', they need to see
a Psychiatrist.

I'm not in it because I can't think of anything I'd rather do, or
anything like that.

I just Saw that this stuff =needed= doing. Went to grad school and
was told, repeatedly, to "drop it", and so I had to get out of
there so I could just do what needed to be done.

Forgive me, please. I do understand that folks didn't understand.

But am I "supposed to" leave it that way?

Jus let 'the beast' wreak its havoc?

And remain a Man?

Doesn't compute, does it?


Anyway, I 'chose' to do the work... like Lincoln 'chose' to fight
the Civil War.

The Choice was in not 'moving away from' that which needed to be

Neither Lincoln, nor I, would've been lacking for more pleasurable
stuff to Live-out, had the needs not been, Terribly, upon us.

The other day [01, Jan.] was the Anniversary of Lincoln's signing
of the Emancipation Proclamation.

Would that the larger Emancipation, the kind born in understanding
of how nervous systems process information, had been 'signed' in
folks' 'hearts'.

Would that it weren't the case that those 'in control' were
Chosing Wrongly with respect to the rest of Humanity.

You know?

It's been 'enlightening'.

There's something =really= Broken in America if folks 'choose' to
remain under the Ravaging Dictates of Abstract Ignorance.

What's the problem?

What has inflicted all of this 'fear' of Truth upon America?

Truth is, folks were in the grasp of 'the beast', Abstract

Truth is that, now, folks no longer need to Suffer such.

Yet, folks 'choose' to Suffer such?

If that's the case, then somebody help me find employment, because
my work's unfinished, and I've got to find a way to Finish-it.

K. P. Collins

Kenneth 'pawl' Collins wrote in message
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|Kenneth 'pawl' Collins wrote in message ...
|"If I'd not reached-out to Love, in the ensuing interval, the
|new-new stuff wouldn't've gained sway [I'd've 'fought' to 'hold
|the line', and I'd've 'succeeded', 'cause I'm fierce in thet
|like I said, I have to "gear-down".
|I don't want to 'frighten' folks.
|a more-easily-comprehended word is "stubborn".
|When I 'go-for-it', doing so requires a putting-aside of
|everything else, until the problem is resolved.
|It's a deliberately 'merciless' condition in which to exist
|[that's also explained in AoK] in which I focus TD E/I with
|respect to the problem I'm working on [don't try it unless you
|understand NDT well], and the magnitude of 'will' that arises
|within is commensurate with all the "needs" that're being
|'put-aside' in order to leave nothing other than the problem's
|resolution. It gets 'intense', but if folks look back to =long=
|former msgs, they'll see that the first requirement of
|'going-for-it' is to spare others the 'intensity'... so,
|outwardly, all anyone sees is 'stubbornness' [except, as folks've
|witnessed, when I'm 'attacked' in the misdt of so 'giving-all'
|Try to understand - it's for the Children, and nothing is "too
|much" for them - so I don't hold anything 'in-reserve'. I Give
|even what Life depends upon, in order to align TD E/I against the
|problem's stuff. It's 'intense', as it has to be, 'cause the
|problems are not, at least at the outset, trivial/ So I put on
|'solitude'. As I've discussed in long-former msgs, early-on, the
|'intensity' caught me unprepared. All I could see, back then, was
|how much I wanted this or that for the Children [for everyone,
|and, yes, for myself], so the problem had to be solved. Bbut,
|then, the 'solitude' was externally-imposed, because, when I'd be
|working on a problem, that'd reflect in my behavior in a way that
|others interpreted as 'aloofness', and they'd 'take offense' and,
|react, often in 'cruel' ways - and before I got it all sorted
|I'd reciprocate by 'takeing offense' at being subjected to such
|treatment, because, there I was giving myself over to working to
|do something good, and the 'cruel' reactions seemed overly
|But, in 'time', I came to understand that folks didn't
|and that their reactions were 'blindly'-automated. Then, the
|'solitude' became deliberate, internally-imposed stuff - Loving
|folks in the only way I could, by 'sparing' them the experience
|my problem-solving 'aloofness' with which they 'took-offense'.
|Anyway, I'd like folks to understand, but don't want to
|Other, to me, correlated, matter:
|"Director Quits Los Alamos Under Fire", By KENNETH CHANG
|[all the "L" to the end of the URL - my newsreader routinely
|'truncates' it]
|[© 2003 by The New York Times.]
|I'm impoverished for wanting to do-Science on behalf of the
|Children, yet there's all this waste?
|Why does a guy like me have to 'worry' about eating?
|Doesn't compute, does it?

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