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Fri Jan 3 16:23:40 EST 2003

Kenneth 'pawl' Collins wrote in message ...
|BTW, I Solved the many-body problem more than a
|decade ago. I've discussed elements of its resolution
|in b.n, and elsewhere, |without specifically calling it by
|the "many-body" name.

That's NQI [not quite it].

The "Three [many] Body Problem" presumes Newtonian Mechanics and
Newtonian 'gravity', and my solution to the analogous problem
began by replacing Newtonian 'gravity'.

If folks're intersted thew can do a groups Google [tm] on "what's
been referred to as 'gravity'" [include the single quotes].

The solution is straight-forward when what's been referred to as
'gravity' is redefined in terms of the universal energy-flow that
is what's described by 2nd Thermo [WDB2T] because all recourse to
"action at a distance" is eliminated [be-cause the same stuff
operates at all scales].

I posted everything necessary to see the solution, and its
veracity, in the long-ago msgs referred to above.

K. P. Collins

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