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Anyway, re. "how every so-called [Sorry] 'particle' gains its
observable qualities - even while it remains continuous with all
other energy":

It all derives in Tapered Harmony's reconceptualization of what've
been referred to as "atoms" as spherical standing waves that're in
harmonic compression-expansion interaction with a continuous
surrounding energy supply - SSW<->UES harmonics.

This's what's schematically represented in all the QBasic apps I
posted in the recent past, and I presume folks who are interested
in testing what I'll discuss here will've saved one or more
versions of those apps.

The crucial thing, with respect to the topic of this msg [the
"newer" stuff that I referred to in the post[s] to which this msg
is in reply] is that, as the SSW<->UES harmonics continuously
unfold, the energy densities of both the 'nucleating' [central]
'portion of the SSW and the peripheral 'shelling' 'portion' of the
SSW, undergo cyclical variation.

Incoming energy [in the form of spherical wave shells [SWS],
having various magnitude, will interact with the energy 'trapped'
in the 'nucleating' and/or 'shelling' 'portions of the SSW<->UES
harmonic in rigorous accord with the 'instantaneous' energy
gradients in 'nuc' and 'shell', which is, of course, rigorously
subhect to the continuously-varying spherical Geometry of the
SSW<->UES harmonic.

What this means is that the incoming SWS will 'see' 'shell' and
'nuc' energy gradients which are, themselves, continuously varying
with the SSW Geometry, and be-cause the SWS is, itself, a
compression-expansion harmonic, there is a rigorous periodicity to
the energy interaction dynamics.

In the case of SWS interaction with the SWS while it's energy
density is 'shell'-dominant, the curvature of the SSW is
relatively 'gentle, and and so is the energy distribution within
the relatively large 'shell', so all the SWS<->SSW interactions
that'll occur will reflect commensurate energy transitions and
directionality refractions - the observables  will be feferred to
as pertaining to "leptons", and correlated to the so-called 'weak

The same is True with respect to SWS<->SSW interactions during the
'nucleation'-dominant 'portion' of the SSW<->UES harmonics, only,
be-cause the energy densities are relatively greater during
'nucleation', and be-cause the 'nucleating' curvature tends toward
relative extremes, resultant energy transitions and directionality
changes will both tend to be relatively greater than is in the
case with respect to SSW 'shelling' dynamics - the observable will
be referred to as pertaining to "hadrons", and correlated to the
so-called 'strong interaction'

What's been referred to as "antimatter" is not some sort of
'contray' form of energy 'compartmentalization', but, rather is
'just' the result of their being two phases in the SSW<->UES
harmonics. During compression, the incoming SWS 'sees' a
continuously 'shrinking' spherical Geometry, but during expansion
the incoming SWS 'sees' a continuously 'growing' spherical

The 'difference' between 'matter' and 'anti-matter' is 100%
reducible to these two energy-density-variation Geometries, which
are both spherically convex with respect to the incoming SWS, but
are exact inverses with respect to 'instantaneous' SWS energy-flow

The last thing is what results in what's been referred to as
"antimatter" having the 'appearance' of it's being 'the opposite'
of what's been referred to as "matter".

All of what's been considered to constitute evidence
substantiating the existence of so-called [Sorry] "discrete
particles" derives in the facts of the continuous variations of
both the SWS and SSW Geometries.

I wanted to do an app that presented all of this schematically, to
help folks see it, but I've no 'time' during which to write the
code, so folks'll have to put their thinking caps on and construct
the imagery in their own good minds.

All of the SWS<->SSW interaction dynamics [energy-exchange
dynamics] are analogous to what would be a particularly-violent
version of an "egg-beater" tye of amusement park thrill ride.
Imagine yourself as first the energy of the 'portion' of the SWS
that interacts with the SSW, and then as the energy of the
'portion' of the SSW that interacts with the SWS, and 'go for a
ride' on this 'egg beater' thing.

In this extreme version of the "egg beater", the 'rider' [the
energy] experiences not only the force of transition from
peripheral Geometry to central Geometry, but, also, the whole
Geometry's expansion and compression.

All of the observable qualities of the so-called "discrete
particles" derive in this extreme spherical-Geometry variation.

What've been referred to as "spin" and "angular momentum" fall
right out of the during-interaction spherical Geometry be-cause of
the energydynamics of both the SWS and SWS compression-expansion

What's been referred to as "magnetic moment" requires doing all
this with two or more SSW<->UES harmonics, which I'll leave for
later, after folks've had a chance to grasp what's here.

The crucial thing is that the energy density that an SSW<->UES
harmonic presents to any incoming SWS harmonic varies
continuously, and for instance, the paths taken by the detritus of
collisions in 'particle' accelerators 100% reduces to these
interactive energy-density variations.

The SSW<->UES harmonics are so variationally-'violent' that the
Geometry of the incoming SWS gets 'morphed' from one 'instant' to
the next - in much the same fashion in which Cosmologists've
imagined matter being morphed and ripped apart as it transitions
across the event horizons of so-called "black holes" - as the
energy density that the SSW presents to the SWS continuously
varies. This creates, for idealized instance, 'comma'-like energy
distributions which have intrinsic angular momenta as they're
flung  out of the collicion focus. Put such in a magnetic field,
and the detritus follows a stereotypical path that rigorously
correlates with the way it was geometrically morphed during its
interaction with the SSW<->UES harmonic Geometry.

The view that's presented here will, of course, become
considerably refined as it's hammered on by Mathematicians, but
it's fundamentals will stand, relatively unchanged, for all of
'time' - because they are rigorously defined at all scales in
what's presented here.

Anyway, there's an exceedingly-rich 'new world' in what's here.
I've already been able to show, for instance, how to derive energy
in ways that'd not yet been conceived.

So, what's here will open the "door" to Humanity's Future.

I'll discuss further in the coming days [as what's left of me
allows - it's 'hilarious' - my personal experience is not unlike
the experience of the SWS as it encounters the "egg beater" stuff
of an SSW<->UES harmonic - the main thing is that what I can See
is just 'exploding' in magnitude - yet I've only these few days
left(?) - where do I begin to describe the 'explosion's worthy

Anyway, anyway, anyway...

K. P. Collins

"P. S. ..."

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