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"Pauli 'exclusion' is in-there be-cause the energy-density variations
within the spherical Geometry are never the same at any 'point'
within the compression-expansion harmonics"

Except, of course, with respect to [non-physically-real idealized
case] 'spherical symmetry'.

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Kenneth 'pawl' Collins wrote in message ...
|Can you see it?
|The energy 'contained' within an SSW<->UES harmonic [within an
"atom"], is not just undergoing periodic compression and expansion.
It's also undergoing density variations, all continuously.
|This means that, at the compression and expansion limits, there're
spherical-geometrical 3-D energy "index of refraction" variations.
|And when incoming energy meets these energy-density-deriving
'indes[x]  o[f] refraction' variations, the energy's traverse is
altered in accord with the energy-density variations.
|Only the energy-density variations are [themselves] =continuously=
|It makes for extremely-rich, and extraordinarily-useful,
energy-interaction possibilities [w]hich Physics has not yet even
begun to explore [outside of Tapered Harmony].
|To get a handle on it, think of being under 'interogation' by some
'police' organization's officials.
|You're sitting there listening to the guestioning of the fellow
directly in front of you, and the fellow 90 degrees to your left
starts simultaneously questioning you - it's a compound energy-flow
with which you must deal - you are the incoming energy - feel the
path you'll follow as you experience the compound energy-flow that
the questioning constitutes.
|You know, just make yourself small and be the energy. See the
peripheral "shelling" and [central] "nucleating" energy-density
variations waxing and waining, and imagine the way your path would be
'morphed' in accord with those energy-density variations, which is
all just simple refraction within a spherical, periodicly-varying
Geometry [with the aditional compounding of motion vectors that
derives in the energy-density variations]
|Or think about skateboarders practicing their techniques in a
well-done skateboard park. The paths they follow would be partially
analogous to the paths the incoming energy follows within an
SSW<->UES harmonic if the curvature of the ramps were not static.
|Like I said, the energydynamics are 'violent' - not in any
'negative' way, but in the extreme conditions they impose during
energy interactions.
|It's all very straight-forward once one 'goes for a walk' within the
dynamic spherical Geometry. I mean, everything in-there is rigorously
predictable - no so-called 'uncertainty', no so-called
'position\momentum' problem be-cause there exist no 'particles
|Pauli 'exclusion' is in-there be-cause the energy-density variations
within the spherical Geometry are never the same at any 'point'
within the compression-expansion harmonics [except, of course, with
respect to [non-physically-real idealized case] 'spherical
symmetry'.] - so there's the appearance [illusion] of their being
'exclusivity' with respect to '[discrete] energy levels' - but there
exist no such discrete energy levels or 'electron orbit[s] [there
[exist] no 'electrons'[ within physical reality]]. All there is is
the |continuously-varying energy density. With respect to such,
there're only certain[...] 'portions' of the continuous
energy-density variation with respect to which incoming energy,
having particular frequency, can interact, anything below that energy
density, and the incoming energy just passes-through - unless the
energy density variation catches-up before the incoming energy
crosses the width of the 'atom'.
|It goes on and on like this, incorporating the stuff of all known
experimental results. [Challenges welcome.] Only, the SWS, SSW, UES
view reduces everything to much-simpler form, while giving up nothing
of traditional explanatory power, and gaining much.that the
traditional approach to 'atomic' structure just couldn't see.
|And it eliminates the 'epicycles' [non-physically-real 'particles]
to boot.
|What's not to like?
|"That =you= did it, Ken"
|"Oh well" :-]
|K. P. Collins
|Kenneth 'pawl' Collins wrote in message
|<5ruR9.94133$hK4.7624206 at>...
||clarification below.
||Kenneth 'pawl' Collins wrote in message ...
|||Anyway, re. "how every so-called [Sorry] 'particle' gains its
|||observable qualities - even while it remains continuous with all
|||other energy":
|||It all derives in Tapered Harmony's reconceptualization of
|||been referred to as "atoms" as spherical standing waves that're
|||harmonic compression-expansion interaction with a continuous
|||surrounding energy supply - SSW<->UES harmonics.
|||This's what's schematically represented in all the QBasic apps I
|||posted in the recent past, and I presume folks who are interested
|||in testing what I'll discuss here will've saved one or more
|||versions of those apps.
|||The crucial thing, with respect to the topic of this msg [the
|||"newer" stuff that I referred to in the post[s] to which this msg
|||is in reply] is that, as the SSW<->UES harmonics continuously
|||unfold, the energy densities of both the 'nucleating' [central]
|||'portion of the SSW and the peripheral 'shelling' 'portion' of
|||SSW, undergo cyclical variation.
|||Incoming energy [in the form of spherical wave shells [SWS],
|||having various magnitude, will interact with the energy 'trapped'
|||in the 'nucleating' and/or 'shelling' 'portions of the SSW<->UES
|||harmonic in rigorous accord with the 'instantaneous' energy
|||gradients in 'nuc' and 'shell', which is, of course, rigorously
|||subhect to the continuously-varying spherical Geometry of the
|||SSW<->UES harmonic.
|||What this means is that the incoming SWS will 'see' 'shell' and
|||'nuc' energy gradients which are, themselves, continuously
|||with the SSW Geometry, and be-cause the SWS is, itself, a
|||compression-expansion harmonic, there is a rigorous periodicity
|||the energy interaction dynamics.
|||In the case of SWS interaction with the SWS while it's energy
|||density is 'shell'-dominant, the curvature of the SSW is
|||relatively 'gentle, and and so is the energy distribution within
|||the relatively large 'shell', so all the SWS<->SSW interactions
|||that'll occur will reflect commensurate energy transitions and
|||directionality refractions - the observables  will be feferred to
|||as pertaining to "leptons", and correlated to the so-called 'weak
|||The same is True with respect to SWS<->SSW interactions during
|||'nucleation'-dominant 'portion' of the SSW<->UES harmonics, only,
|||be-cause the energy densities are relatively greater during
|||'nucleation', and be-cause the 'nucleating' curvature tends
|||relative extremes, resultant energy transitions and
|||changes will both tend to be relatively greater than is in the
|||case with respect to SSW 'shelling' dynamics - the observable
|||be referred to as pertaining to "hadrons", and correlated to the
|||so-called 'strong interaction'
|||What's been referred to as "antimatter" is not some sort of
|||'contray' form of energy 'compartmentalization', but, rather is
|||'just' the result of their being two phases in the SSW<->UES
|||harmonics. During compression, the incoming SWS 'sees' a
|||continuously 'shrinking' spherical Geometry, but during expansion
|||the incoming SWS 'sees' a continuously 'growing' spherical
|||The 'difference' between 'matter' and 'anti-matter' is 100%
|||reducible to these two energy-density-variation Geometries, which
|||are both spherically convex with respect to the incoming SWS, but
|||are exact inverses with respect to 'instantaneous' SWS
|||The last thing is what results in what's been referred to as
|||"antimatter" having the 'appearance' of it's being 'the opposite'
|||of what's been referred to as "matter".
||"Matter" and "antimatter" "anihilate" each other when they meet
||be-cause they embody the inverse Geometries in which they were
||created. When they meet, their inverse Geometries 'un-do' each
||other, and the energy that was 'contained' within them, having
||lost it's 'containment' Geometry just flows freely back into the
||UES. It's the same thing that would happen on the macroscopic
||scale if, say, a two-compartment cylinder, top-half filled with
||liquid stuff that's been sent spinning in one direction, bottom
||half filled with liquid stuff that's been set spinning in the
||opposite direction - then the barrier between the two bodies of
||oppositely-spinning fluids is removed, allowing the fluids to
||mix - when they mix, they'll 'slowly' 'anihilate' their opposite
||spinning-ness, giving off heat - leaving a quieted body of fluid.
|||All of what's been considered to constitute evidence
|||substantiating the existence of so-called [Sorry] "discrete
|||particles" derives in the facts of the continuous variations of
|||both the SWS and SSW Geometries.
|||I wanted to do an app that presented all of this schematically,
|||help folks see it, but I've no 'time' during which to write the
|||code, so folks'll have to put their thinking caps on and
|||the imagery in their own good minds.
|||All of the SWS<->SSW interaction dynamics [energy-exchange
|||dynamics] are analogous to what would be a particularly-violent
|||version of an "egg-beater" ty[p]e of amusement park thrill ride.
|||Imagine yourself as first the energy of the 'portion' of the SWS
|||that interacts with the SSW, and then as the energy of the
|||'portion' of the SSW that interacts with the SWS, and 'go for a
|||ride' on this 'egg beater' thing.
|||In this extreme version of the "egg beater", the 'rider' [the
|||energy] experiences not only the force of transition from
|||peripheral Geometry to central Geometry, but, also, the whole
|||Geometry's expansion and compression.
|||All of the observable qualities of the so-called "discrete
|||particles" derive in this extreme spherical-Geometry variation.
||Here, the various magnitudes of correlated energy derive in the
||Geometrical 'violence' of that 'portion' of the SSW<->UES
||harmonics phase during which the interaction occurs. If it occurs
||during 'shelling', the harmonics of the incoming energy has to fit
||into that portion of the SSW<->UES harmonic's dynamics, or the
||incoming energy will just pass-through relatively unobservable -
||stuff like the photoelectric cutoff frequency derives in thes
||phase -matching frequency correlations.
||The analogous stuff also applies to the 'nucleation' 'portion' of
||the SSW<->UES harmonics, except that be-cause the 'nucleation'
||energy is relatively 'condensed', there's a relatively-broader
||range of possible frequencies for the incoming energy. That is,
||incoming energy can interact with the 'nucleating' 'portion' of
||the SSW even when the 'nucleation' is non-maximal be-cause the
||energy density is commensurate with the frequency of the incoming
||Throughout all of these dynamics, the incoming energy can interact
||with the SSW-bound energy only while their phases are sufficiently
||correlated. Hence the appearance of energy's being 'quantized'.
||Energy is =not= quantized. =Energy-exchange= [energy
||transformation] dynamics are 'quantized' be-cause of the dynamics
||of the phase-matching as discussed above.
||It's like if there were a continuously-rotating lunch-time
||automate machine. One is standing there continuously, but one can
||only get 'chocolate-cream pie' once every rotation of the device.
||It's the same with energy-exchange dynamics, except it's that the
||frequency-matching must be in-there for the analogue of 'getting
||the chocolate-pie' to happen.
||All of this is 'just' in the spherical Geometry of the SSW<->UES
||and SWS<->UES compression-expansion harmonics.
||All the interaction possibilities derive in the
||continuously-varying spherical Geometry and the energy-density
||variations that accompany the geometrical variation.
||That's all for this clarifying update. ken
|||What've been referred to as "spin" and "angular momentum" fall
|||right out of the during-interaction spherical Geometry be-cause
|||the energydynamics of both the SWS and SWS compression-expansion
|||What's been referred to as "magnetic moment" requires doing all
|||this with two or more SSW<->UES harmonics, which I'll leave for
|||later, after folks've had a chance to grasp what's here.
|||The crucial thing is that the energy density that an SSW<->UES
|||harmonic presents to any incoming SWS harmonic varies
|||continuously, and for instance, the paths taken by the detritus
|||collisions in 'particle' accelerators 100% reduces to these
|||interactive energy-density variations.
|||The SSW<->UES harmonics are so variationally-'violent' that the
|||Geometry of the incoming SWS gets 'morphed' from one 'instant' to
|||the next - in much the same fashion in which Cosmologists've
|||imagined matter being morphed and ripped apart as it transitions
|||across the event horizons of so-called "black holes" - as the
|||energy density that the SSW presents to the SWS continuously
|||varies. This creates, for idealized instance, 'comma'-like energy
|||distributions which have intrinsic angular momenta as they're
|||flung  out of the collicion focus. Put such in a magnetic field,
|||and the detritus follows a stereotypical path that rigorously
|||correlates with the way it was geometrically morphed during its
|||interaction with the SSW<->UES harmonic Geometry.
|||The view that's presented here will, of course, become
|||considerably refined as it's hammered on by Mathematicians, but
|||it's fundamentals will stand, relatively unchanged, for all of
|||'time' - because they are rigorously defined at all scales in
|||what's presented here.
|||Anyway, there's an exceedingly-rich 'new world' in what's here.
|||I've already been able to show, for instance, how to derive
|||in ways that'd not yet been conceived.
|||So, what's here will open the "door" to Humanity's Future.
|||I'll discuss further in the coming days [as what's left of me
|||allows - it's 'hilarious' - my personal experience is not unlike
|||the experience of the SWS as it encounters the "egg beater" stuff
|||of an SSW<->UES harmonic - the main thing is that what I can See
|||is just 'exploding' in magnitude - yet I've only these few days
|||left(?) - where do I begin to describe the 'explosion's worthy
|||Anyway, anyway, anyway...
|||K. P. Collins
|||[I'll Love by sparing Love the travail.]

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