My work in Physics

Kenneth 'pawl' Collins k.p.collins at
Sat Jan 4 05:09:44 EST 2003

Maybe I'll watch "I. Q." before I retire.

It's a [fictional] story about a 'lowly' mechanic who falls in Love
with Einstein's neice, and, to win her 'heart', the mechnnic gains
the assistance of Einstein, and three of his colleagues, and they
conspire, really hilariously, to attribute the stuff of an old,
disproved, but obscure, paper of Einstein's to the mechanic - it all
gets uproariously out of hand [the "presentation scene" is 'just'

Love works out in the end, even though the 'mischief' is discerned.

I 'smiled' when the flick came out because I thought it possible that
it might be one of the several 'spoofs', and not-so-spoofs, that
'hollywood' has produced thinking my work was unfounded, or that it
was was correct, but I was "crazy'.

I thoroughly enjoy the flick [for folks who like Walter Matthau, I
think it's his all-time-best performance]. But I enjoy it, not in the
least, because I've known all along that it'd be the case that, with
respect to my own work, the last 'laugh' would be mine.

That 'post-production scene' is unfolding as I write this

...just as hilarious as the enjoyable original :-]


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