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Kenneth 'pawl' Collins k.p.collins at
Sat Jan 4 06:02:15 EST 2003

You see, what I have to do is just Hard.

There're so many 'misconceptions', with respect to what NDT
constitutes, being fostered, all around, for various reasons, and
I've got to 'counter' them all.

If the only stuff involved was with respect to myself, I just
wouldn't bother, but what's at stake is the Survival of Humanity.
Without NDT's understanding, the energydynamic will continue to
ramp-up, until Humanity descends into massive conflagration, and,
with so-called 'nuclear' weapons proliferating, such just cannot be
allowed to happen.

And, over the long term, if Humanity is to not just 'exist', but
thrive, NDT's understanding is also a prerequisite of such.

So what's a Man to do if he Loves?

A Man who Loves, as gently as is possible, defeats all of the
promulgated disinformation, innocent, or otherwise.


The stakes are too high to axquiesce in the face of anything else.

The Sorrowful thing has been that it's often been the case that
so-called 'experts' have been the ones who've instantiated the
'disinformation' with respect to NDT and what it is. Folks who I've
reached out to will contact this or that 'expert', who 'just' hasn't
done his or her 'homework', and he or she will fill the folks who've
contacted her or him with a lot of 'just' uneducated 'expertise'.

That's been 'two' often the case in which the 'gossip' re. NDT, and
what it is, has been instantiated. And, subsequently, such runs
rampant through Society, until I can, as gently as possible,
'stomp-out' it's 'moving away from' Truth.

This stuff has been Hard, and it's offensive in the extreme in that
it has stolen 'time' from the theoretical development.

It's just outrageous that Science allows such to transpire in its

Un-thinking-ness elevated into the role of Dictator.

Please work to rid Science of such.

It's Unworthy.

K. P. Collins

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