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Dag Stenberg dag.stenberg at
Sat Jan 4 11:38:18 EST 2003

Kenneth 'pawl' Collins <k.p.collins at> wrote:
> It's why 'america' so 'looks down its nose' at those who exist within
> cultures that it deems to be 'backward'. I mean, instead of engaging
> in genuine teaching interaction, 'america' just gives those people,
> within cultures that it obviously knows are less-well-off than is the
> case in 'america', short shrift, and 'walks away' feeling
> self-'fulfilled'.

I thought the current line is to bomb them, especially if they have
different opinions from the majority (?) "vote" (think of Florida) of US
citizens. Well, I suppose a people deserves the leaders they
"democratically" choose. But the rest of the world did mnot have a say,
and they are the ones that suffer the most, and without right.  While
the Americans may desevre their bushes, the World cetrainly does not
deserve this major security risk for mankind.

As long as the US nation/federation/whatever has seen fit to elect the
present *elephant-in-a-glass-factory*, could you Ken not in any way
strive to educate that blundering ##########deleted, so that the USA
will not again lead the world into major catastrophy, suffering of
millions of people, and general global economical recession? Can you
stop that//those idiot(s)?

Dag Stenberg
A European an no war-monger

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