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|Part of the 'problem' [and why I've been 'confined' to being as a
|'knat' is that the 'government' has known of my research for two
|decades [this year], and has endeavored to ab-use it.
|My analysis is that, nowadays, the 'government' has come to
|understand its Error, but is 'paranoid' with respect to being
|'disclosed', so it'll not allow NDT's understanding to receive any
|'normal' Acknowledgement.
|Given what's in NDT's understanding, it's pretty-hard to imagine
|anything more Truly-Savage than is this circumstance.
|It's all so extremely-Serious these days. Right now, around the
|globe, 'nuclear' arsenals are receiving 'new' emphasis - being
|'dusted-off' - 'just' be-cause of all the bellicose "sabre-rattling"
|that's in the air. This means that the proverbial 'finger' is closer
|to the 'button' these days.
|The 'scary' thing is that, if one 'nuc' is used, because of the
|globally-elevated TD E/I, and the way that Neuroscience-naïve
|systems tend to react to rapidly-accelerating TD E/I, if one
|'nuclear' weapon is used, all bets are off that any 'nuclear' weapon
|will go unused.
|I understand that folks'll "ho-hum" this, going on and on about
|so-called 'footballs' and "hoops that need to be jumped-through"
|before 'nuclear' weapons can be used, but such "stop and think"
|mechanisms are not, themselves, coupled to the TD E/I that occurs
|within nervous systems, and it's the nervous systems that "press the
|buttons". The correlated "amygdalar priming" stuff is discussed in
|AoK, Ap5.

There was an essay in the New York Times last Tuesday, "More Than
Good Intentions: Holding Fast to Faith in Free Will", by J. Horgan,

It discussed some fairly-old stuff pertaining to how behavior can be
predicted by monitoring neural dynamics that occur before 'choice'
enters into 'consciousness'. The essay's focus was only
perpherally-correlated to the stuff I'm discussing these days, but
pointing to the gist of its discussion of this neural-activation
precedence hirarchy seems 'appropriate' with respect to te 'buttons'
that control the use of 'nuclear' weapons.

This's not to denigrate those who are trained with respect to
carrying out the act. At least in the U. S., they are rigorously
selected, and their training is supurb. But are all the 'links' in
the 'nuclear' chain as well-selected, as well trained, as aware of
all that's involved?

Definitely not.

And that compounds across the community of Nations.

It's 'just' absurd that folks allow it to be as it is.

That's all for this update.


|The jaw-hanging thing is that there's a real possibility that Earth
|will end up looking like Mars - all red with iron oxides
|by a multi-'nuc'-initialized generalized ignition of the oceans'
|hydrogen - "fwiffftttp" - Humanity 'winks out'.
|Too 'alarmist'?
|I hope so [I don't know, yet, whether multiple 'simultaneous',
|close-proximity, 'nucs' could instantiate the ignition of the
|hydrogen' - all I know is that I 'wonder', because of it's relative
|absence of water, and all it's iron oxide, if that's what happened
|some previous civilization on Mars - and I don't want that
|'experiment' to be tried]. What I'm actually working to do is to
|juxtapose the unworthiness of even allowing there to be any
|possibility of so-called 'nuclear' weapons being used, against the
|Worthiness of 'just' understanding how nervous systems process
|information - you know, turning off the 'automatic pilot' that's
|already so Ravaged Humanity over the course of the millenia.
|It's been the case that these two things've been treated in a way
|that's "inverted" [AoK, Ap4] with respect to reality.
|Folks've 'coddled' 'nuclear' weapons, while treating NDT's
|understanding as if =it= is the stuff that 'must be feared'.
|It's all been 'upside-down, inside-out, and backwards' - "inverted"
|with respect to reality.
|It's been so 'interesting' to explore all of this while it's been
|Folks 'blindly' and automatically clinging to their 'nuclear'
|'ghetto' stuff [just liek the "street gangs" of AoK's Short Paper
|section 'clinging' to their ravaged neighborhoods], just be-cause
|it's relatively familiar, even though, in it, exists the
|of Humanity - and nobody being allowed even to discuss the nervous
|system dynamics that 'blindly' and automatically make it so.
|Anyway, I had to discuss this stuff, and now seemd as good a 'time'
|as any.
|K. P. COllins
|Kenneth 'pawl' Collins wrote in message ...
||Hello Dag!
||I Carry you in my 'heart', and assure you that I've been
||nearly-Killing myself trying to reach the folks in Washington, D.
||with respect to the extreme-Consequences of the opacity through
||they believe they 'see' reality.
||It's not that Mr. Bush is not a decent man. He is. It's just that
||he's allowed himself, except for Colin Powell, to be surrounded by
||bunch of 'bullies' whose experience is overly-inbred with respect
||'in-the-Beltway' stuff [ "the Beltway" refers to the highway that
||circumnavigates W.D.C., and which tends to 'mark a perimeter' of
||in-group cognitive in-breeding that has supplanted independent
||thought  in the Capitol of 'america' ever since the days of WWII.
||In the current, Sorrowful, situation, all that Mr. Bush's
||[with the exception of Colin Powell] have done is to 'dust-off'
||archaic Cold-War 'play-books', and impose their stuff upon Mr.
||There's a Sorrowful correlate of NDT's stuff in-there - the
||'advisors' are experiencing the biological reward that accompanies
||'reversion' to old, long-familiar stuff, and they're 'reveling' in
||what they're experiencing as the 'newly-occuring' "usefulness" of
||archaic stuff to which they've 'reverted'.
||It's a Frightening instance of the Costs of NDT's understanding not
||having been generally communicated - if NDT's stuff had been
||generally communicated, a while back, the sorts of behavioral
||dynamics that are unfolding in W. D. C. would've become
||unthinkably-stupid by now.
||Anyway, I've been nearly-Killing myself in effort to reach the
||who're doing all this to Humanity.
||They're not 'bad' people. They're 'just' awesomely-Victimized by
||beast', Abstract Ignorance, and, in the TD E/I(up) that they carry
||within themselves, their behavior is inflicting the
||'blind'-automation that derives within their nervous systems upon
||rest of Humanity.
||Folks can help them out - help them to See, and Correct the Errors
||inherent in their actions by =gently= insisting that they carefully
||explain the 'rationale' which underpins their actions.
||Doing such =gently=, but insistently, will give them the
||stuff that will enable to See that there exists an enormous
||collection of far-better ways of going forward into the future.
||And it falls to Governments, everywhere, to carry out such
||requiring of explanatory 'rationale' - on behalf of their own
||You know... help them See that they just don't See.
||I'm doing what I can, but it's hard, because my 'bully pulpit' is
||microscopic dimensions - - I've been 'confined' to being something
||akin to a 'knat'. Still, I 'buzz-around' a lot, doing what I can,
||my 'knat'-sized way.
||Would that things were otherwise.
||Cheers, Dag, I hold you, and and your Kindred spirits, in my
||Dag Stenberg wrote in message ...
|||Kenneth 'pawl' Collins <k.p.collins at> wrote:
|||> It's why 'america' so 'looks down its nose' at those who exist
|||> cultures that it deems to be 'backward'. I mean, instead of
|||> in genuine teaching interaction, 'america' just gives those
|||> within cultures that it obviously knows are less-well-off than
|||> case in 'america', short shrift, and 'walks away' feeling
|||> self-'fulfilled'.
|||I thought the current line is to bomb them, especially if they
|||different opinions from the majority (?) "vote" (think of Florida)
||of US
|||citizens. Well, I suppose a people deserves the leaders they
|||"democratically" choose. But the rest of the world did mnot have a
|||and they are the ones that suffer the most, and without right.
|||the Americans may desevre their bushes, the World cetrainly does
|||deserve this major security risk for mankind.
|||As long as the US nation/federation/whatever has seen fit to elect
|||present *elephant-in-a-glass-factory*, could you Ken not in any
|||strive to educate that blundering ##########deleted, so that the
|||will not again lead the world into major catastrophy, suffering of
|||millions of people, and general global economical recession? Can
|||stop that//those idiot(s)?
|||Dag Stenberg
|||A European an no war-monger

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