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Kenneth 'pawl' Collins wrote in message ...
|The Sorrowful thing has been that it's often been the case that
|so-called 'experts' have been the ones who've instantiated the
|'disinformation' with respect to NDT and what it is. Folks who I've
|reached out to will contact this or that 'expert', who 'just' hasn't
|done his or her 'homework', and he or she will fill the folks who've
|contacted her or him with a lot of 'just' uneducated 'expertise'.

A case in-point is with respect to the Physics I've been discussing
these days, and in the recent past.

Be-cause I've been 'locked-out' of serious online Physics 'places',
it's not likely that any 'experts' can have become familiar with
Tapered Harmony's stuff. So, when folks to whom I've reached out
contact the 'experts', it's not likely that the 'experts' will even
be able to comment, knowingly, with respect to Tapered Harmony's
stuff [although I did come across what seems might be a rip-off of
the Coso=mological end of Tapered Harmony the other day - with
respect to whole Universe compression-expansion dynamics].

So, anyway, the 'experts', being unknowledgable re TH, can 'only'
respond negatively with respect to what they do not understand, and
such puts TH 'back to square one' with the folks to whom I've reached

To be fair, I expect the folks to whom I've reached out have only
been 'going through the motions', so as to 'cover their butts' with
respect to TH's, finally, coming forward [which it, eventually,
will - I hope "eventually" will be soon, BTW - I broke-off from other
stuff so I could work on TH's stuff, in an effort to eliminate a
possible 'rationale' for folks'  'doubts', because, further, the need
to 'break-through' is so furiously augmenting these days. [I'd've
preferred to to it at a more leisurely pace, but went for it, with
the results I've been discussing, because it was something that I'd
not yet tried - a 'stone unturned'].

Anyway, it's been stuff like this that's been 'blocking' the coming
forward of NDT's understanding - which has left Humanity, needlessly,
in lack of the understanding that could lift it up out of its current

Which is why, I must say that, if folks're contacted as Experts, and
if folks just don't know, folks should just say they don't know,
instead of imagining some non-existent "impossibility" just because
the stuff with respect to which they've been contacted seems to
'contradict' that with respect to which, albeit, through long and
Honest, effort, they're familiar.

It's not acceptable that such short-shrift stuff can be what
determines the 'state' of things in Science - especially when it's
the case that the Science that's being 'rejected' explains the
dynamics that're unfolding within the 'nay sayers' nervous systems,
even as they're unfolding.



K. P. Collins

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