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Kenneth 'pawl' Collins k.p.collins at
Mon Jan 6 16:40:28 EST 2003

it's 'hilarious'... the dimensions of my 'cage' are shrinking, today,
in teal-'time' :-]

it's why i've been 'storming'-around, a bit.

Anyway, I've begged and begged to be allowed to advise folks who make
the decisions that impact everyone else - last i heard, all my
'begging' amounted to was some 'jokes' going-around in W.D.C.

that's what those folks actually 'think' of Citizens' embracing their
Responsibilities under The Constitution of The United States of

to them, despite all of their 'spinning' things otherwise during
media appearances, 'citizenry is a joke'.

if anyone 'wonders', it's why i'm so 'pissed-off', today.

i'd 'like' to go down-there, and one by one, grab every one of them
by the collar, and =gently= shake until they awaken from their
in-the-Beltway stupor.

K. P. Collins

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